Where to find that special someone

There are plenty of places to meet women from other countries. Online dating services are generally the best resources as you can meet women all over the world from the comfort of your own home.

So if you’re serious about meeting someone overseas, use the regulated agencies that specialize in that specific service.  (like mycolombianwife.com) and plan a trip to Colombia to meet Colombian Single women.

So the most of our members had the same experiences, seeking for foreign women online and here is what happened to them and why this can not happen on mycolombianwife.com

They have been asked to send money

Once they have found a “hot” girls on graigslist or such, they chat a while and then they are always being asked to send money, because the grandmother is ill or something like that… After sending the money the girl disappeared.
This really happens too often.

Why this can´t happen on MCW

The women that join this website are seriously interested in getting married. We do interviews with them to find out if their intentions to find a life partner are serious. We take all their information at registration even their Id cards. This system is not attractive to gold diggers. Also our members can report users.


The photos in her online profile looked too good to be true

Many men fall for these fake profiles, but just take common sense: Why should do a 19 year old model with a perfect body be interested in an average 50 yeared old American guy? Colombian women are interested in older men but the age difference is usually “only” 10 – 15 years. Colombian women are beautiful but not all look like models like perfect bodies.

Why this can´t happen on MCW

Like mentioned above we do screening on the women. No girl makes it into the agency without sending us their ID copy. All women are verified. Also if you look through our members profiles you will see that they are REAL women.


Of course also other factors are important when looking for a foreign wife, but If the 2 BASIC condititions, no “gold diggers” and REAL women seeking for marriage, are given logically most men will have much more success finding a life mate.

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