Colombia`s tourism industry is steadily expanding. Colombia was originally inhabited by the following native tribes: Quimbaya, Tairona and Muisca. Colombia is considered as the most megadiverse country by squaremeters.


Colombia has between 40,000 and 45,000 plant species, equivalent to almost 20% of total global species. The country has the worldwide highest coastal mountain range where you can discover all different climates which exists on Earth. Exotic forests, jungles, beautiful rivers, the tropical climate and wonderful beaches completes the richness of this country. As the only country from South America Colombia is by the north from the Golf of Mexico and by the west from Pacific Ocean divided while providing more than 3 200 kilometers of a stunning coastline. 


Nongovernmental organizations and international business people describe the workforce of Colombian people as the most productive, trustworthy and dedicated in America. The professor Connie Cardenas de Santa Maria says that Colombian, men aswell as women are outstanding worker. The great thing about them is that they still believe in the power of personal effort as the road to success, and they are very reliable.”

Investors no matter private or public who are interested in investing in the tourism industry should know that the first and most important step is the following: Simple in realizing that Colombia is no longer unsafe. In fact Colombia is one of the safest, most diverse and exotic tourist destinations in 2014.

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