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Cartagena has become a very attractive place real estate investment. Not only Colombians, but also the foreigners can count with a beautiful real estate to relax or as an option for new businesses. Thanks to the great demand in the real estate business in Cartagena.


A great number of people who decide to invest in Cartagena are foreigners and now we will tell you their reasons:

1. It`s charme

It is an enchanting city. The only fact of having the beach so near, the impressive walls, it`s colorful streets, it`s beautiful twighlights and friendly people make that anyone wishes to have his house in this place.


2. The economy

The valor of these property is very attractive to foreigners. For the price for which they are buying a luxury property in Cartagena, they couldn`t buy anything nearly similiar in their cities.

3. The tranquility

Cartagena is a relative small city, everything is reacheable and getting around is very easy. Besides that it is a very safe place. This creates a environment of tranquility and comfort. The visitors from other countries are enjoying that day by day.

4. The diversity

The city has a little something from everything  An interesting culture, a wide range of sport activities, beautiful beaches, a great gastronomy, excellent places to party and for shopping. It is impossible that anyone could get bored in Cartagena.


What kind of property are foreigners looking for?

This depends upon serval factors like the budget, the age and the use and purpose of the property.
Without any doubts the most attracting regions are:

The historic center

The romantics and the lovers of the history prefer to buy properties in this area, although the prices are a little bit higher. In general they are mature people who are seeking tranquility.


Bocagrande, El Laguito and touristic spots:

Choosen from those who are seeking touristic spots with a direct access to the beach and to the shops. The prices are lower than in the historic center, but this option you will also find in the sectors 5 and 6. ( The highest social sector in Colombia is 6)

Castillogrande, Manga and residential spots:

These are the perfect spots for those for want something from everything. Yes, these areas are residential zones, they are counting with access to the beach in a few minutes and to the center of the city which is also relatively near. The atmosphere is relaxed and more homeloving.


Foreigners that bought property in Cartagena

Carola Escalente (Chilean origin) has come to Colombia after beeing invited by an Australian girlfriend. As she came to Cartagena she fell in love with the city and he decided to buy an apartment as an investment. The department which she has chosen is called Manga, because it seemed so quiet with beautiful constructions and good prices.

Kristy Ellis is from Australia and from the moment on she came to Cartagena for visit and she didn`t want to leave. Now she`s living in Manga and has a tourism agency. She recommends the city as a place for investment and for luxury housing, safety, a great culture and history.

Everlyne Bernard is from France. She came to the city of Cartagena after having lived in various countries.
Her describtion for the city:

“It´s the place in which you can live in your desired style, from the gringo style with the modern buildings to the historic colonial properties.” Besides that there`s a special focus on the economic and social growth. Her company Activao Studio Fitness is dedicated to the dance and gym.

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