Foreign investors are focusing small and medium companies in Colombia. The fact that the most attractive businesses have already been sold while some owners want to keep thier companies, this makes that the foreigners are thinking about coming to Colombia to purchase small or medium companies and which sales don`t exceed the 85 000 million pesos (About 43,843,771 USD) yearly.

In the final of 2013 the french company Edenred purchased “Big Pass”, a promoter of gift cards, presents, lubricants, education and food ect.

On of the most recent cases was the peruvian group “Gloria” who bought “Conservas California”, a company with sales who didn`t exceed the 70 000 million pesos.

There is also the case of Silica Key Systems, subsidiary company from the swiss group Kaba, which bought Flexon Llaves, a national company with with generates 6000 million of pesos anually.

The same happend for, an online-shop, who entered the Velum Ventures Foundation with a support of 500 000 Dollars.

Esteban Velasco, the founder of Fonto, said that the businesses of traditional commerce who knew how to emigrate into the digital world are very attractive for the investors because they have the opportunity to multiply their growth fast.

Velum Ventures Foundation  also financed, and entered as a CEO for with 200 000 Dollars.

Lafm, a company who is controlled by the dutch group Grandvision, bought 72 shops of Multiopticas, whose sales were 26 000 million of Pesos yearly.

This year the american Neustar company bought 99% of Co Internet a Colombian comany with of the owner of the .co domains, which income  is about 40 000 million Pesos annually.

Vitol Energy, a company with it`s head office in Swiss, but from dutch origin, focuses in the commerce of  raw materials and also has bought another colombian company called “Aluvia”.

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