In this section we are going to publish videos that we have found on youtube, made by other men that have debunked foreign women online dating scam.
These videos are not made by us and are published here only for educational purposes.

Many men that are seeking a foreign wife are trapped in these online dating scam sites and do not realize the scam. They just move from one website to an other, but in fact these websites are all the same. They just have different names. Every website that operates with a credit system only can be scam.

So, here we will NOT ONLY publish videos on foreign women online dating scams, but also romance tour scams and what happened to guys that went to countries like Russia, Ukraine or Colombia by their own, to find their life partner.

YouTube video

So this is a typical per per credit scam website. This guy thinks that this website is a scam only because the girl lifts the wrong hand.

It´s a pre-recorded video. The video is NOT LIVE. The same video is being played over and over to different guys. 

What many do not realize is that this is a scam because the women are being for every message sent or for every minute on video chat. That the only thing these girls / staff members care about is money. Their only interest to keep ON THE WEBSITE and paying. They are not seeking any kind of relationship with older American men.

YouTube video

This guy says that he spend 9000 Dollars on a site called Anatasiadate. He spend 7 months talking to someone that he thought would be real.

A common misbelief is that SOME women on these websites must be real and others are not.

At these kind of websites there are no real profiles. ALL PROFILES ARE FAKE.

You might think that this is an exceptional case, but this is not as uncommon as you might think.

I have personally talked to thousands of men that have spend similar amounts of money and TIME on similar webistes.

Its not just Anatasiadate. There are many many simila rwebsites. The Latina version of Anastaiadate is Amolatina by the way, which is the most popular Latin women dating website.

While its true what he says about these chat scam site. I dont have any information on the other website he is promoting: https:// matchguaranty .com

YouTube video

Ex-employee Confesses, Tells How She Scammed Men

Listen only to the first minute of this interview. An ex employee explains the most important thing about these 3 mayor scam sites.

You are not talking to the young 22 year old russian model. You are talking with an other person, an older woman or even a man. In this case it´s an older black woman.

Thats the biggest “secret” of these scam / pay per message websites.

I really appreaciate the effort of this agency to educate guys on this scams, and they are really making an enourmous effort in order to make as many guys as possible understand the obvious.

As long as your are trapped in one of these scam sites you are lost. You can never find a partner through these websites.

Nevertheless, I dont know anything about “match guarentee” whether if its legitimate or not. The videos however are very profesional and very educational. That´s the reason I´m posting these videos here.
These are the best videos I could find on you tube on this topic.

After a little research I found out that ” match guarentee” they will give your free contacts with Ukranian women for FREE. 

You’ll get:

  • 1 Hour Coaching
  • 10 Introductions
  • 20 Emails
  • 1 Skype Call

The coaching or consultation like be call it here indeed is very important and makes a lot of sense. You can also get a free consultation here but what can´t be true are the 10 introductions, 20 Email and 1 Skype call with a young Ukranian girl ALL FOR FREE and then you decide if you pay or not.

While many guys that are tired of being scammed would consider this to be a great deal, but think about it, this just can´t be true.

If an agency would give free contacts to just anyone for free, no one would pay. 
The only thing that would make sense is that the 1 FREE Skype call will be a staff member of that agency pretending to be a member of that agency but here most guys would stick to these free contacts instead of paying. I really dont know how that should work.

Also if you decide to pay at “match guarantee dot com ” they guarentee that you will get married within ONE YEAR and if you do not get married within one year, you will get an other year for free.. until you get married, but only of you have realistic expectations. While having realistic expectation is fundamental, no agency can GUARANTEE that they will get you married.

I really hope that they are real, because they are doing a great job educating guys on these foreign women scams.

If you have any experience with the website match guarentee dot com please comment below.

I already know a lot about these scams and how they operate, but in the last weeks and I´m learning more and more. The more I research, the more there is new stuff keeps poppoing up.

For instance:

The typical scenario is that “Bob from Texas” chats with this fake profile ( not the 22 year old model he thinks he is talking to ) for several months but then he actually CAN meet the model from the profile in real life but he has to pay the agency to arrange the meeting. 

The agency then will pay the young beautiful model money to show up at the meeting in Ukraine, where the translater translates everything.
The young and beautiful girl is not interested in Bob at all and only showas up at the internew for the money. 

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