The 27 year old Colombian woman from Medellin had been gaining a great series of success which made her name well known in Colombia. “One my latest songs “Probre perro” (poor dog), a song from the author Maria Jose Ospino was like a appetizer for my new production with Colombian Vallenato master Ivan Calderon. From this on it was clear to me that I want to make my songs more popular and directed to love and despair.” said Paola Jarra.

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From where do you have got the idea for choosing this genre?

I have grown up in an environment where the popular music surrounded me and I like what I`m doing. With 14 years I already had the opportunity to record a Bolero Ranchero Album and from this day on I continued in this genre. For her it`s a little difficult since this genre is dominated by the sexist latin men. But there is nothing impossible, Helenita Vargas is the Colombian Artist which had success with establishing this genre. So as we can see everything is possible with disciplin, work and love you can reach anything. I also think that the young people can also indentify with me through my age.

What motivates you?

Everything I do, I do with love and will power and I believe that this is they key that the people believe you. The music is an universal language which unites hearts and countries. It is a great medium to carry the joy to the humans , it transports us to different locations, it let`s us remind of people or simply express what we are feeling. So through the music we can transmit beautiful things and this has been my intention.

Have you ever imagined to get so popular in your genre?

It feels like that I`m only starting and that it has been a career where I`m advanced step by step. Slowly but with a solid base. I have a lot of dreams and tasks I want to fulfill. But my biggest motivation is the love I get from the audience which I have to appreciate for all the support also from the media, because without them it would have been impossible to carry my music to everyone.

Where do you want to go?

I don`t have limits, my dreams are tireless, from the hand of God everything is possible.

A message for young people?

Don`t stop to dream but you should take the following ingredients to fulfill them: work, love and desciplin. You should take advantage from all the talents and abilities which God gave us as a gift.

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