While traditional dating customs have been evolving over the years, re-entering the dating arena still seems somewhat bland, and disheartening. It’s not fun to embark on a journey to couple-hood when the pickings are slim, especially if you are truly limited to a small population of single people in your corner of the world. Dating abroad presents a variety of new options to expand your dating palette.

When you limit yourself to dating domestically, depending on where you live, that could mean you are only dated like-minded, similar looking people. But when you realize that there are a whole world of single people out there, the possibilities become endless and exciting. Recently Miss world decided to conduct a poll amongst our American members to discover which nationalities top your list of the sexiest nationalities on the planet. We weren’t surprised that America wasn’t the top choice for either sex.

colombian women

colombian women

The Top Ten Sexiest Nationalities for Women:

  1. Colombian     Famous Face: Shakira
  2. Brazilian         Famous Face: Camila Alves
  3. American        Famous Face: Jennifer Lawrence
  4. Spanish          Famous Face: Penelope Cruz
  5. Russian           Famous Face: Anne Vyalitsyna
  6. Dutch            Famous Face: Famke Janssen
  7. French            Famous Face: Eva Green
  8. Bulgarian       Famous Face: Nina Dobrev
  9. Swedish          Famous Face: Malin Akerman
  10. Italian             Famous Face: Carla Bruni

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colombian girls

colombian girls

colombian women

colombian women

source: http://blog.misstravel.com

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