In football nothing is less easier than a World Cup. This prooves Uruguays victories and Italy who lost against Costa Rica, or Spain which is already eliminated. The calculated final outcome of a group to prevent rivals is also dangerous, a practice that can lead to the edge of fair play.


The powerful Germany in 1974, by then called the West Germany, the Beckenbauer team; intentionally lost a game against eastern Germany, communist East, to pass as second of the group, and avoid the strong Netherlands in the second phase …

If Colombia would tied with Japan, on Tuesday at the end match of the group C, Colombia would still be will first of the group. If Colombia will be playing against Costa Rica, Uruguay or Italy is still not clear.

“The real power of this Colombian team are its deadly counterattacks.” say analysts of Brazilian TV channels ‘ O ‘Globe’, ‘Bandeirantes’ and ‘Sport TV’.

If Colombia passes the last 16 match against Costa Rica or Uruguay or Italy they will be playing against the Netherlands, in a hypothetical quarterfinals. Both teams faced last November in a friendly match. Colombia and tied with the Netherlands in Amsterdam.

What about Brazil or Holland?  Brazil has not played very well, and has been favoured by the referee against Croatia and only tied with Mexico. The Netherlands sent Spain home but had a hard time against Australia.

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