Why you should be dating South American Women

Are you looking for an foreign women for marriage or an alternative to local women ?
Find out why you should consider South American women !

South American Women have many advantages compared to local women.
Here are some of the most important differences.

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Many South American Women see American or European men as ideal husbands.

If you travel to South America and are looking for a marriage-minded South American girls, chances are high that you will find your future wife. Having an American or European husband is the dream of many South American women. Women from this side of the world are yearning for stability, honesty, responsability, respect ( towards women), and generousity. Many South American men lack of these qualities.


Values and Beliefs of South American Women

Family and heritage  strongly effect beliefs and their values. This is no different for South American Women, and they commonly share certain beliefs and values.

South American girls typically take family very seriously and will be very loyal and respectful to their mothers and fathers. Most South American Women are Catholic and this will be something that you need to discuss if your relationship becomes serious. If your partner is devoutly Catholic then this can affect everything from sex, to which school you might send your children to and where you would get married.

it is also worthwhile to mention that many people in South America are also prostestants ( christians ) these days.

South American Women


Most South American Women are family-oriented

Compared to the U.S.A or other first world countries, South America is still very old fashioned in terms of gender roles.

Emancipation has not fully arrived in South American, that combined with South American macho culture, makes this continent perfect if you are for women with old fashioned values. Just like American women in the 50´s.

The family and the contact to it is one of the most important key elements in their lives.
In South America a women is expected to give birth and be a good mother and wife.

If you are seeking a family oriented woman, South America is your destination.

Be informed that not all Latin and South American women have these qualities.
It pretty much depends on education, social level and her family background.

South American Women


In South America you can find younger and more attractive women

If you are +40 and average looking the local dating scene is not very promising.
Most women in the U.S. tend to let themselves go and just don´t take care of themselves that much.
The result is that your local dating scene consists of emamcipated, wrinkled, old and obese single ladies.

Let be honest, if you are +40 and your are looking for local ladies in your age range, it is very hard to find any attractive ladies at all.

If that´s not enough, many of these “average looking” +40 local single ladies may also have illusional expectionations and have a complicated caracter, which makes them even more unattractive.

Every man with self-respect, even when he is a little  older, still prefers an attractive younger woman over an older less attractive lady.

You don´t have to be a young handsome guy in order to be attractive to beautiful South American Women.

The age-difference advantage

In Europe or the U.S. women will accept men that are 5-10 years older than themselves.

10 years seems to be the maximum acceptable age-difference

Woman from South America


For South American girls an age-difference up to 20 years or more is acceptable.

Note that not all South American Girls will accept an age difference of 20 years, but the majority of women from South America are willing to accept an age difference of at least 10 years.

These women are looking for a stable future, respect, honesty, commitment and love.

In countries like Colombia, you can even be in your late 40´s, have grey hair, look average and be a little overweight and STILL stunning girls in their 20´s would be willing to date you immediately!

American or European men are seen as extremely attractive among South American Women.

Specially in northern South American countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Peru or Venezuela, foreign men are very rare and seen as very exotic and attractive.

Many South American men are usually immature in their behaviour when they are younger. This means that they are not family-oriented until they are 35 or so.

Among South American Women older men are seen to be more suitable for marriage, because they think that older men are more mature and more likely to be interested in a monogamous family-oriented relationship.

South America girls think that most American men have these qualities and make the perfect husbands.

South American Woman


South American girls are passionate

Women from South American are  optimistic, cheerful, passionate  in all senses and about life in general

Many American, Canadian and European girls are apathetic, frigid, passive, shy and emotional issues, especially when they are getting older.

Stop wasting time with these kind of women, a start dating a fiery South American Girl !
Women from South America can be anything, but boring.

Most South American Women make good mothers and wives!

Thanks to South American “macho” culture most South American girls are being raised to be perfect housewifes and mothers. Taking care after her husband and children is their “meaning of life”.

Emancipation of South American Women

Of course these days things have changed and not all women from South America life just want to be mothers and wives.

South America is not India, but even there women are starting to emancipate from the traditional gender roles.

Also, being realistic, we can not put all South America in the same pot.
Women from Argentina, Uruguay or Chile will be more empancipated then women in Bolivia or Peru.

South American Girl


Even in South America some kind of emancipation took place.

In South American capitals like Bogota nowadays it is well seen that girls have some kind of university career ( or similar).

In fact if a Colombian girl didn´t study at all after highschool she is considered underclass and Colombian men will not consider a serious realtionship with her.

Colombian middle to upper class men attach great importance to the earning potential of their potential partners.

Most South American Men still have a strong macho attittude. The reasons why they  are the looking for females with an earing potential, or lets says the willingness to work is not because they think that women should be equal to men.

The cost of living has risen in the last decades and very often couples can only get by if both partners work.

For me this is some kind of artificial emancipation based on necessity.

Let me tell you that most South American women, even if they are working fulltime, can not live by themselves and depend on men or her family.

Nevertheless, most South American girls have still very strong rooted traditional family values and their ultimate achievement is to be successful full time mothers and wives.

Now is the time to try something different.

Are you stuck in the dead end of your local dating scene or you have just given up on local women ?
Now is the best time to move on and start dating women from South America.

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