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 How to detect and avoid the “wrong kind” of Latina women  

It is very common that men from the ” first world” that are seeking a wife from Colombia often end up with prostitutes, scammers or women only intersted in money from Colombia or just any other Latin American country. Besides Colombia, also Brazil, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Cuba are popular “sex tourism hot spots” in Latin America.
Later in the article you will learn that there not only actual prositutes, there are also scammers and women that are only money focused.

Of course there are also decent women that are seeking real relationship in Colombia.
However it is a fact that most American men that are seeking a wife in Colombia always end up with the wrong kind of Colombia women.

This isn´t just an issue with Latina women, it also happens very often that honest men “from the first world” end up with prostitutes or scammers from Russia and Eastern Europe without even realizing it at the beginning.

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So why do these kind of Latina women turn into prostitutes ?

Prostitutes in generations literally means that her mother and her grandmother were or are prostitutes also.
These girls are being indoctrinated the mind-set of a prostitute by their mothers. As if it was best and only thing to do in life.

Other wonderful parents in Latin America even force their daughters to work as a prostitutes from a very young age, in order to make money for the family ( including the brothers that do not work. )

It is also very common that these girls get kicked out of their homes when they turn 13 or younger, then they are on their own and forced to work as prostitutes, in order to survive.

Ok, In my opinon, there might be situations where actually there is no other alternative for a girl than being a prostitute for a limited peroid of time, but in the mayority of the cases these girls have other options !

The truth is that these girls are greedy and lazy and just want to have a raised standart of living finaced by easy money.

Latina woman

The salaries in Colombia are very low in general.
The minimum salary in Colombia is 250 USD !
The above mentioned countries in South America have following things in common:
– Their economy largely depends on foreign tourism.
– Sex tourism is a part of this tourism and working as a prostitute is simply is a “well paid profession” in these countries.
– They all have very low salaries and limited to no access to education.

In countries like Colombia, there are regions where a large percentage of the girls are prostitutes.
These regions are: Medellin, Cartagena, Pereira, Manizales Cali, Eje Cafetero an others.

Additionally, the upper mentioned regions are seen as a regions with the most beautiful women of Colombia.
Locations like Cartagena and Medellin are famous sex tourism hot spots in Colombia

Women from these regions are very superficial. It is all about the looks.
Since most girls don´t have access to education, because there are very few (if at all) and expensive universities many girls prefer to be a prostitute.

If you ask Colombian men, the ideal Colombian woman should have fake breasts, AND fake a butt with a ton of make up in the face.
That´s how most Colombian men like their women.


Latina woman

Women, especially women from these regions, are NOT valued for their intelligence.
To the contrary, they are being valued for being stupid and good looking,
It is all just about the looks.

The best part is that these girls think that they are smart.

Ok, if you are really interested in Latina women / Colombian women in particular, you have to know at least the basic philosophy of their culture.

They think that someone is smart if he takes advantage of other people, for their own advantage.

They call this ” ser vivo “. In Spanish this literally means ” being alive “, but the meaning in Colombia is being alert to take advantage of someone at a give chance.

These girls think that being a prostitute and taking advantage of other men is smart.

It a culture that is based on “easy money”


“Easy money” is their philosophy.
2 popular “professions” in Medellin are:
-Drug dealer ( If you are guy )
-Prostitute ( If you are a girl )

Of course, there are also decent hard-working people in Medellin . It pretty much depends on the social class, but it is true that these 2 “professions” are seen as very attractive alternative income sources among young Colombians.
However, colombians that choose one of these drug and sex related jobs are only a small minorty.

These girls have a totally corrupted mind and are professional liars and capable to do anything for “easy money”.

I´m not saying that there are no prostitutes are drug dealers in Bogota, because there are also a lot, but it´s not that the entire “culture” is based on the upper 2 “careers”.

In Bogota the mayority of people are trying to make a living by working and studying hard.

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So how does the typical career of a Latina prostitue look like ?

Well they start working as sex workers from a very young age.
During this time they save money, or find a guy that pays, for the facial, breats and butt surgery in order to attract Colombian drug dealers or other entrepreneurs that have a lot of money.
They call this “narco estetica” “drug aesthetics”. Plastic suregy financed by drug dealers.
Being a drug dealer is still the best paid “profession” in Colombia. They spend riduculous sums of money in parties with “high class” operated prostitues.

The ultimate goal with such a “high class” prostitute is to have a drug dealer, or any other wealthy guy as boyfriend.

The funny part is that these drug dealers do not stay with ONE hooker from a longer period of time, thus this girls are rotating from one drug dealer to the next.

Latina woman

Latina woman

Why you should stay away from these kind of latina women

– You can not expect anything good from them. In the best case they will rob you some money. In worst case you marry on of these girls and end up loosing the half or even all of your belongings.

-They are stupid and don´t have ANY KIND of education, values OR morals. Some of these ladies even work together with criminal groups to rob foreign men.
They are ready to do anything just for “easy money”.

That´s why Colombian women, Cuban women and other Latina women have such a bad reputation in America
because guys unknowingly marry these kind of ladies and bring them to the U.S. then when she has obtained the citizenship the Latina dissapears with a wealthier guy.
In the worst scenario, these girls will sue you for “domestic violence” or “rape”, just to take a much money from you are possible.

My intention here is not to talk bad about Latina women !

My mission, is to AVOID that honest, good hearted men that are seeking a life mate end up with these kind of ladies !

There are millions of amazing women in Colombia. Women that are sincere, hard-working and have morals and values. Women that are worth dating ! 


So how can you detect “bad” Latina women ?

Latina woman

This part is tricky, especially if you don´t know anything about Latin culture and you think that the women down the border are just like the women in your country.

Most men can not even IMAGINE that there are women like that.

The tricky thing is, that in most cases it is not 100 % obvious that they are prostitutes or bit***s !
These girls are masters at faking that they are decent girls.

In some cases, it really takes a native Colombian / Latino to detect these girls.
If you don´t have a “trustworthy” Colombian friend to guide and advise you
your bet bet is to hire an professional Colombian Matchmaking Service to guide and support you.

I have lived in Colombia for many years myself, and I work together with a group of Colombian ladies ( interviewers, tour guides, interpreters. matchmakers ) that can detect these kind of women to almost a 100% !

So that you can detect these ladies better I have following tipps for you

– Look at her photos. How does she look like ? Does she look like a prostitute?

This is  how a typical Colombian high class prostitutes look like:

latina women

it is really hard to tell, because in Latin America it is normal that girls dress cheap and vulgar ( show-offy).

2. Does she have plastic surgery. Does she have butt and beast implants ?
Not all Colombian ladies that have implants are necessarily prostitutes, but in Colombia this is a hint.

3. Does she tavel a lot ? Does she have a lot of travel photos? While it might be normal that people travel a lot in your country, you have to know in Colombia only a very small percentage of women from wealthy families AND “high class” prostitutes do actually have the money to travel to other countries.

4. Are you an older gentleman and a much younger Latina is paying attention to you ?
This often also happens to tourist in Cartagena. Cartagena ist the mayor tourist hot spot in Colombia.
Often young prositutes talk to older gentlemen in bars and these men do not even realize that they are prostitutes. Later these girls end up stealing them money.

When you go to a country like Colombia and a girl starts talking to you in a Bar, that´s  already bad sign.
Decent Colombian girls don´t do that.

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5. Does she look like the girls above but she tells your that she is a Model or Doctor, Lawyer
Ok, some girls are really Models, but in the most Colombian Models can not finance themselves from modelling alone !
Many of these girls, out of obvious reasons, lie about their real profession and will tell you that they are a  Doctor, Lawyer or any other high paid respectable profession in order to be accepted by you.

As mentioned before, for an outsider it is not always easy to determine this kind of women.

The mayority of these girls are not even prostitutes

The truth is that the mayority of them are not even “real” prostitutes.

Let me explain:

Many of them are not necessarily street hookers, or full time time prositutes in a brothel, BUT they have the mind-set of a bi**h!

They are not actual prostitutes, because they don´t DIRECTLY charge for their sexual services.
They will charge for their services or attention INDIRECTLY without that Johnny even realizes it.

Colombian Girls

These kind of unoffical prostitutes are the worst, because are all about making you believe that they are “decent” women.
They will try to make you fall in love with them and later take advantage of you.

These girls are seeking foreign men, because not trick Colombian men ( that easy), because Colombians know these kind of ladies.

They are ready to cheat on their husbands or even actually offer sex for money, without thinking about it twice.
They have zero respect.

This is a very common thing that a 60 -70 year old American gentlemen travels to Medellin with some kind of “agency”
and there he will be introduced to a 20 year old opertated Colombian girl.

What happens then ?

You have to know that they mayority of these girls have a Colombian boyfriend ( often even with criminal background)

The old American guy marries the Colombian “prepago” and then he will bring her to the U.S.
Then once she obtained the citizenship or unlimited residence permit, she will seperate from the old guy and look for a younger more attractive guy, or a whealthier guy or will try to get her colombian boyfriend into the country and
without a prenup, she will take half of your belongings.


– Wifes from Latin America have a bad reputation because often gentlemen with serious intentions end up with the “wrong kind of Latinas”.

– Detecting the “wrong kind of Latinas” is not always easy.

– In order to avoid ending up with the wrong kind of latin women, it is advisable to contract a professional matchmaking agency for support and guidance.

Do you want to meet “right kind of Latin women” that are family oriented and seeking a foreign soulmate ?



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