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Are in interested in dating a Latina?

Learn how to get latina women fall in love with you.

To make it very simple: You have to be totally different from a Latino.

Ok, there are Latinas that prefer Latino men, but trust us “Non-Latino men” are extremely popular among Latinas.

Especially of you are white Caucasian with light eyes, but you don´t have to be blonde and blue-eyed. What matters is that you don´t look and act like a Latino. Latter is even far more important if you want to get a Latina to fall in love with you.

This article is about how to get native Latinas from Latin America to fall in love with you.
Latinas born in the U.S. are “Americanized” to almost a 100%  and you can not impress them just by being blonde and blue eyed.

latina girls


How to get Native Latinas to fall in love with you:

Be a gentleman

Most Latinos are anything but gentlemen. Some are even very rude with women and treat them like objects.
It all depends on the little details these women appreciate.
For a Latina, a gentleman is: Someone that is polite, considerate and respectful with women, someone generous, someone well dressed and groomed, someone that smells good ( good perfume).

If you behave like a gentleman some “Native Latinas” will fall in love with you right away, because most of them have never seen a gentleman. Really, the way you dress is not so important, you don´t have t wear an expensive suit and a Rolex, as long as you are s polite, considerate and respectful with her.

Here are some quick tipps on how to be perceived like a gentlemen by a latina.

– Groom yourself well
– Use a good perfume
– Be courteous with her
– Treat her with respect
– Avoid cursing at all costs
– Be respectful to women as you part ways in the evenings.
(For most Native Latin women this means paying for her taxi)
–  Give her unexpected gifts. Any kind of small gift will do.

You have to know that Latinos have an enhanced olfactory sense
Where might in Texas a sweaty man armpit, with a strong “male scent” doesn´t bother anyone. It is a big deal in countries like Colombia.
Most Latin American cultures are extremely superficial, where women always have use tons of makeup and perfume.
My theory is:
It also has to do that if someone doesn´t smell like cheap perfume and has a strong “natural” scent they think that this person might have a contagious disease.
It is really important that you smell good. A decent perfume is a good investment.

sexy latina

sexy latina


Be sincere

Most Latinas consider American or European men as more trustworthy, compared to Latin men.
Nevertheless, Latinas are always much more distrustful with men no matter what.
You should always be sincere and never give her a chance to distrust you.
In some cases it an take years until a Latin women trusts you totally.
The only real way to really make a Latina fall in love with you is through patience and consistency.




Make her believe that you are interested in a serious / family- oriented relationship ( if you are )

90 % of Native Latinas are only interested in serious family-oriented relationships. Many Latino men are not interested in that, thus they hope to find a foreign man to finally fulfill their dream of having a funcional and long lasting relationship and having a family.
You have to understand that they women have been indoctrinated that they onl thing they are good for in life is to be a wife and mother, thus their biggest dream is to achieve that.

If really you want to make her fall in love with you, should not get physical with her at the 1st, 2nd or 3rd date.
If you push her into having sex with you immediately, she will think that you don´t have serious intentions with her ( just like most Latinos ). She will think that you just want to “use” her and then say goodbye.

Most Latino men know that, and they are masters at making her believe that they are interested in a serious relationship. They have to pretend to be totally in love with her and  behave very well just to get her into bed.

Most Latin American women are still very conservative. They are not full liberated and empanzipated like American women.

latina girl

latina girl


As a foreigner in Latin America you will always have more credibility and best chances to get a Latina fall in love with you.  Also, you will be seen as more attractive, but you have to know how to play your cards wisely in order to “win the heart” of a Latina.

Are you interesting in meeting Latinas seeking a serious relationship ?

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