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Are you seeking  Latin brides, but you are wondering how to go about finding the the right Latin Bride?

Here is what you should take into consideration.

Where to look for Latin Brides ?

Well, the internet would be the first place to look out for Latin Brides, but the thing is there are thousands of websites that feature Latin Brides / Latin American Women.

Unfortunately 98 % of the Dating sites that feature Latin Brides or Easter European women are not honest and thus not the best place to find a foreign wife.

The big downsides of these Dating Sites or Romance Tour Services are.

– Unscreened Latin Brides that have a high potential of turning out to be gold diggers, or scammers.
– Many fake profiles of Latin Brides.
– No guidance
– No support
– Random Latinas that are not even interested in a serious or any relationship at all for foreign men ** Romance tours **
– Latin Brides that do not meet your criteria. You should have a criteria.
– Latin Brides that are only interested in money but not in you.

What most men who are seeking Latin Brides do.

Most men who are seeking Latin Brides join one of the popular Latin women Dating sites and may or may not establish some contacts.

The truth is that these popular Latin Dating Sites only work out for a small percentage of men.
The vast majority of men who join these websites do not get any results from them.

latin brides

Only a small percentage of men who use online dating get “lucky” and manage to establish valuable contacts.

Once they have found a lady that shows interest in them and communicates with them on a regular basis, they focus all their attention at this one lady and do not continue to talk to other women.

Sooner or later the guy will travel to a country like Colombia to meet “the latin bride of his dreams” and in many cases this girl doesn´t turn out the way he imagined and he wasted a whole trip to meet just one Latin Bride.

Please keep in mind that online is one thing and meeting a person in real life can be a whole different story.

Sometimes Latin Brides can look different in real life.
Sometimes they can turn out to look even more attractive than on the pictures, and in other cases they look less attractive or behave in a different kind of manner.

“If you visit a Latin Country in order to meet women we  generally recommend to meet at least several ladies during your trip”

What happens often is, that many of these “Latin Brides” are just looking for a regular passive income.

These kind of Latinas are capable of manipulating these single men in a way that the guys only focus on them and stop talking to other women.

They are capable of making these men believe that they are in some kind of  serious relationship, even before they have  met in real life.

These kind of latin brides want to gain 100% of control over their victims in order to make sure that the guy travels to visit only them and does not talk to other latinas.

When the man arrives at the airport of her country, she will be there to pick him up and will stay with him every minute until he leaves the country.

Many naive men return to her country as soon a possible with an expensive engagement ring in order to become engage with the “latin bride” and then of course to marry her as soon as possible.

latin brides

latin brides

If they do not come back with an engagement ring immediately they visit the country a couple of times, until they realize that they have spend 25 k or more on a random or even low class Latina, that is only interested in money, and  they have missed the opportunity to meet other potential ladies.

The majority of American Men, just can not imagine that women like that even exist.
Because women in the U.S. are just absolutely different.

From our experience we can tell that the majority of “Western Men” need 100 % guidance, support and coaching in order to find a suitable Latin woman.

“Pretty much every “Western Man” has infinite opportunities in a country like Colombia”

“You should always take your time and meet several candidates and carefully investigate if they even meet your critera”

” You shouldn´t engage with the first Latin Bride you meet as soon as possible”

Ok, so just forget about these Dating Sites and just travel to South America and look out for women ?

latin brides

classy latina

Here is why you should not do that,
unless you are a well experienced Latin / South America traveler and beware of the risks or if you are a Hispanic yourself.

There are still many places in Latin and South America that are not safe to visit.

For instance I wouldn´t recommend ANYONE to travel to Ciudad Juarez or Tijuana, all by himself these days.
These among other locations in Latin American are just not safe to visit.

Colombia, the number one Latin mail order bride country isn´t as unsafe of many locations of Mexico these days.
In fact some places in Mexico today are just like Colombia when Pablo was alive.

Major cities in Colombia are relatively safe to visit, but Colombia is still a 3rd world country and there are still many risks that the 9-to-5 American tourist isn´t aware of, starting from getting into the wrong Taxi to booking a hotel in wrong kind of neigborhood.

In a city like Bogota you can be relatively safe, with the right support and guidance, with a close local friend or tourist guide that takes care of you from the moment you arrive until you leave.

The 2nd reason why I don not recommend just to visit a country like Colombia all by yourself are the kind of women that you are most probably going to meet.

Colombia is a very conservative country, decent women do not talk to strangers in bars there.
Decent Latin girls are usually suspicious and cautious against foreigners, because many foreigners just visit their country to take drugs and have a good time.
The concept of a one-night-stand is not very popular in Colombia.

When a girl approachs you and shows interest in Colombia, in 90% of the cases she will be a prostitute. Many of these prostitutes are also professional thieves.

There are other Colombia girls that are just out for some fun. They just show some interest in hope that the Gringo will spend some money on them, but they aren´t interested in any relationship with a foreigner.

Checklist for Latin Brides:

– Do not waste time and money on conventional Dating Sites or Romance Tours.
Just as described above you will encounter a ton of fake profiles and all kind of unserious low class Latinas.

-You will also encounter the site is full other single men , a competition, and that connections rarely last longer than a couple of messages.

-These kind of business models have been designed to generate money, but not to help anyone finding a suitable wife.

– Unless you are a native born Latino, an experienced “3rd world country traveler” do not travel to Latin America in order to look out for women by yourself.

– You should always take your time and meet several Latin Brides  and carefully investigate if they even meet your critera.

-Take your time to thoroughly check if you and your potential Latin Bride are actually compatible.

-The best way to do that is:
Invite her to your country to live with her a couple of weeks to see how “living together” works out BEFORE considering an engagement or any serious relationship.

-Make sure you have a trusted guide that takes care of you and enlightens you about the safety risks and gives you valuable advices on the ladies that you are going to date. (matchmaker)


-The best way to find a Latin Bride is through a professional Matchmaking Service.

Are you interested in finding your Latin Bride?


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