Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to find a suitable partner these days?

You may have come to the point, where you have already given up on finding a suitable partner.

Our society wants to make you believe that it´s because of you.
That´s why dating coaches become, more and more popular.

They want to make guys believe that they are doing everything wrong and that´s why they are not successful with women.
Many men spend a lot of money on these dating seminars or hire dating coaches, in order how to become more successful with women.

Some dating coaches really give useful advice, but 99% are BS just taking advantage of deperate men.
Well my point is that most guys that go visit dating seminars or hire dating coaches, do not get any result at all!

The dating coaches want to make you believe that you have no self esteem and so on, which might be true, but even if you become extremely self-confident you still run against a wall with most of these attractive women.

The society wants to make you believe that you have to be super nice to women in order to gain their attention.
That is just not true
Most, or rather said, attractive women are not even into nice guys. These “nice guys” always end up in the “friends zone”.
Most attractive women are more into machos, although they don´t admit it. However, they can not have a serious long lasting relationship with extreme machos.


A couple of decades ago it was much easier for men to find a wife or serious long term relationship.
You just had to get a “career” and a “good job”.

Nowadays it´s not that easy anymore.

However, western women today are extremely superficial and have unrealistic ideals about men.
So even if you are a balanced nice guy / macho type of guy and you don´t have the looks, social status, money and age you will still run against a wall with most attractive women.

My point here is:

The society and media has manipulated men and women against each other.

What these dating gurus will never tell you:

As I´ve mentioned,  society itself wants to make you believe that it is mens fault.

Women are infallible!

Women are put on a pedestal and we men have to do anything to get their attention and to make them happy.

What no one will tell you, is that most western women are brainwashed to the point that they do not even know what they want!

They are being manipulated by society and media to refuse most men.

Don´t get me wrong. I also believe that some guys make mistakes, or even treat women incorrectly.

Brainwashed feminists

I have nothing against female emanzipation. Women should be treated equal to men and should not discriminated and earn less, just for being women.
However modern feminists seem to be against men. Against male behaviour. These feminist-extremists ( Third-wave feminism ) manipulate other women to hate men for being men. It´s crazy. Interestingly, these feminist-extremists are also against attractive women.

False ideals

The media and hollywood dictates how an attractive man looks and behaves like.
Western women have become extremely superficial these days. If you don´t look like the “ideal man” or have the right haircut or look fashionable, most women will ignore you anyway. No matter what you do.

Spoilt and selfish western women

Most western women just get too much attention by men these days.
As metioned, Attractive women are put on a pedestal. They are treated like infailable goddesses.
Every time an attrative girl uploads a new photo on facebook ( or instagram ) they get hundreds of likes.

Society wants to make men believe, the more often they like the girls photos on social media, the higher chances they have to become acknowledged. That´s just an other lie.

The very fact that western women get so much attention, makes it even more difficult to gain female attention.

If western man would stop paying too much attention to “attractive” females, these wome would have to make an effort to gain male attention.

Let me explain:

In Russia for instance, there are more women than men.
Also there are so many beautiful women that women really have a hard time gaining male attention and finding a partner. They have too much competition.
Russian men just do not pay too much attention to women that only look pretty.
Looks alone are not enough for Russian men, the girl also has to behave correctly, if not she will have no chance.

This doesn´t only apply for Russia, but most less-developed countries, including Latin American countries.


When you turn 30, you will encounter that most females your age already look old and much less attractive.
In civilized western countries, even attactive guys in their 30s have a hard time getting a girlfriend 10 years younger than themselves. Most Western Women only accept an age gap of 5 years or so.

All men are prefer for younger an attrative women by nature.

Now, when you turn 50+ you probably wont even be interested in MOST women your age anyway.

On the other hand, for men in less-developed countries its much easier for men to get attractive and younger women.

Online Dating Sites & Apps

Online Dating sites are business models, that are made to generate money and not to help people to find a partner.
Most Online Dating sites working with fraudulent techniques ( So called personality test and automaticly generated matches, based on the personality test ) This is all BS.

The truth is that most men have even lower chances to find a partner on Online Dating Site because attractive women are bombared with hundreds of messages on a daily bases.
So you can imagine that the result is that most attrative women get bored very quickly and  ignore all messages  at all or even cancel their account.

According to a study conducted by Sal Stein, a professor of psychology at Brighton University, traditional dating websites have a success rate of 0.3% helping people find serious relationships.

Online Dating Apps

Tinder is the most successful online dating app today.
Nowadays, most people don´t even use desktop computers that much.
About 60% only use smartphones to go online. It´s a growing trend.
Of course pretty much all big dating sites have apps, but the most popular app is Tinder.


Tinder has a very high usability and is very easy to use.

Tinder apperantly has millions of users.

Tinder gives you the illusion that you can quickly connect with the other sex and arrange a date.

Needless to say, that is is not the reality.

Everyday Joe has zero chances of find his partner on Tinder! No matter how much he pays.

Tinder has an extremely low success rate.

If you have tried this app once, you will know what I´m talking about.
Two words: Endless swiping, no results.

The most riddiculous part of Tinder is that “everday Joe” doesn´t even get the chance to send messages without being “approved”.
This reduces his already very low online dating chances to minus 100.
Most guys on tinder are just swiping images for months and months and  never get ANY matches at all. That´s the reality!
Even if you don´t get any matches at all for months, now and then you get notifications that SOMEONE liked your photo
I think the joke is that only the fat unattrative girls that you don´t want to date anyway  “like” your images, my other theory is that these notification are fake just to keep you going and eventually pay.

I assume that attractive women do not spend hours swiping photos of random guys on Tinder every day?
This fact reduces “everyday Joes” chances to FINALLY getting say HI to minus infinity.

I´ll publish an article exclusively on Tinder soon.

Conventional Matchmaking Services 

If you can afford it you don´t even bother wasting time with these 9 to 5 Dating Sites or dating apps.

You hire a professional Matchmaking Service.

Popular Matchmaking Services in the U.S like “it´s just lunch” are directed to the American middle-class.
It’s Just Lunch® has over 120+ locations scattered throughout the United States

These kind of matchmaking services want to make its clients believe that matchmaking experts will find you matches according to your criteria.

This is how “It´s just lunch” and 99% of all other matchmaking service work:

When a potential match is identified, your matchmaker will call and describe your potential match to you. In addition to a basic description, you’ll also hear what type of person your match is looking for. What you don’t get is a photo of your match, making it a blind date.

In the end you will be matched with random people, that do not have seen your photos or any information about you.

Also the women that you will meet will never get to see a photo of you or any personal information about you.

That’s an It’s Just Lunch complaint some customers have shared on local review sites.

Its just Lunch is a pretty big operation, but 99% of matchmaking companies use the No Photo rule because they have a limited number of potential matches. And they don’t want to risk you ruling out too many matches based on appearance before the date, because then they may not be able to fulfill their minimum introduction quota.

Other popular american matchmaking services like “threedayrule dot com” do not even have a minimum introduction quota. They charge $5000 for 3-5 “matches” but even if you get 0 matches, you do not get any refund.

If you’d prefer to make sure there’s a physical attraction before investing your time in a date, it may be a good idea to explore other options. Perhaps you’ll want to select a service like MCW that allows you to screen matches based on their photos before you spend even more time and money on dates with them.

Mycolombianwife.com puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing who you want to meet. You pre-approve every match, so you’re only spending time with people you’re actually interested in meeting.

The only matchmaking company that seems to be different, seems to be vida select.
VIDA stands for “virtual dating assistant” an that´s what they are.
They are a online dating assistance service. They help you to beef up your online dating profile and even send out messages for you.
Basically, VIDA wants to make your believe that the reason that you are not successful with finding your life mate online, is that you are not able to create a great profile or write messages to exite women.

However, the truth is that for many men the local dating scene just doesn´t work out.

For our clients, local women just do not work out.
In fact it is pretty difficult for the vast majority of men to find a partner online. As mentioned above the success rate of online dating sites is 0,3 % ! 0,3 % – Thats less that a half percent !

What surprised me is that in the last years more and more younger men 30-35 used our service.
These men are good looking and successful entrepreneurs or even middle-class men but they are no longer interested in dating American girls.
They find that in the United States it´s difficult to find girls that are interested in a serious relationship or marriage in that age range.
Basically they are looking for slim and beautiful down to earth girls in their 20s with traditional family values.

Most of our “older” 40-65 y.o. clients are basically looking for the same.
They are not interested in fat, wrinkled, vain, brainwashed independent American women.
They are looking for  beautiful down to earth women  with traditional family values. Women that want to be traditional women.

Many of our clients are also single dads with kids. This is of course a special handicap, which makes the local quest for a serious relationship even more difficult.

Colombian women, on the other hand, are also more flexible in this sense.

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