What you should consider when dating foreign girls online

If you are looking for foreign girls on the internet you should pay attention to following clues.
Be aware that most of the dating sites are always advertising with millions of users to attract more users.

A place where millions of single men are seeking women is also the ideal place for golddiggers, organized criminal groups and webcam girls.

But what about honest singles who are seriously seeking a serious relationship?
Sure, at first sight you might think:
What can I loose? There are millions of  beautiful model-like russian brides waiting to get to know me !

So how exactly do these fake sites featuring foreign girls operate?

1. Many of sites sent partner suggestions, which should not be taken as real friendship requests. These suggestions are automatically generated and sent directly to the email of the user.  These emails are like: “Here are some of our female members! What do you think? Sign up now to send them a message”. Mostly the profile pictures are even fake, meaning that the women on the picture dont even know that they are members of this website. These are not real friend requests send by real women.

If one of our female members sends you a friend request, it is because they are interested in getting in contact with you.


foreign girls

foreign girls


2. Most dating site featuring foreign girls operate with payed writers. For intstance anastasiadate.com (biggest foreign girls dating site in the world) The have payed writers which are located in Moldavia (The poorest country in Europe, with the lowest minimum salary) Anastasiadate pays its writers about 2 dollars the hour in order to write messages to its users, hiding behind some russian model pictures. One out of 5 Moldavians work as writers! The writers are being told that if the guys ask for skype or email contact information, to tell them that they don´t know what skype is and that they don`t have an Email account… This way these websites try to keep their members paying for the next months membership.

3. As soon as you join a dating site featuring latin girls you are bombarded with hot women wanting to chat with you.

If you´ve been on free websites like POF before where you´ve never recieved ANY message or friend request ever, then you join one of the popular dating sites that feature foreign girls and a little window opens from the bottom of your browser, with a hot model-like exotic beauty saying “Hello? wanna chat?” Why would such a hottie desperately want to chat with some random person?
These sites are nothing but a total scam.

So, I´m sure some of these techniques sound familiar, right?


If you join a dating site featuring foreign girls, make sure that the site is legit.
Think again and decide for yourself if the site seem authentic.
Everything should be natural and credible.

Many of our clients have gone through many dating sites without success. For me the above mentioned points are some of the reasons.


Only if you join to a honest dating site featuring prescreened foreign girls  like mycolombianwife.com, chances are given that you can find real contacts.

Additionally, we are not only a dating site but also a Matchmaking service that supports you until you have found your life partner.


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