Do traditional wives still exist in the U.S. ?
Yes, but nowadays the percentage of traditional minded women in the “Western Word” is very low. Either she has to be very christian, or has to have a foreign family background with very strict traditional views.

As a matter of fact, nowadays it´s difficult to find a traditional wife in the U.S.

Many men that have being raised in a traditional family, in which the woman had the role of being the housewife and mother, want to have a wife with the same characteristics because they believe that´s the way it should be. It is a proven system which has worked for their parents, grandparents and ancestors.

Can they be blamed?

While it was totally normal for a man in the 1950´s to demand a traditional wife, nowadays men that demand a traditional wife are seen as “sexists” or machos that are seeking submissive women.

There is nothing wrong with demanding a traditional wife. Men that are seeking traditional wifes do know what the benefits are.

The traditional role of a man is that he works fulltime to promote his wife and possible kids a living.
Men that are seeking traditional wifes are ready to be traditional husbands.

If you work 9 – 5 every day or have your own business, you don´t want to come back home to cook your own meal, wash the dishes and then scrub the floor, living with a woman right?

Men that are seeking traditional wifes, just want to focus on their job or business and then relax. That´s all they want to do and in order to make this possible they need someone to take care of the “other things”.

Traditional women like Colombian women for instance, do not see themselves as submissive.
These women are being trained to be traditional wives since their childhood. They don´t know any other reality.
Traditional women just want their men to be happy.
The pride of real traditional women,  is to keep their home clean, her husband (and kids) well nourished and happy.

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