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Many already have come across that Colombia is an amazing country to look out for women.

However, there are some things that you should consider, before buying a flight to Colombia, when your intention is to look out for wife material there.

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First of all, if you are actually serious about having a Colombia girlfriend it is indispensable visiting Colombia.

The sad truth is that only a very small percentage of men that are looking for Colombian, Latin women and foreign women in general actually make the effort and visit the country. Instead they prefer to stick with popular Latin women “dating” sites like , where they spend money talking to prostitutes, gold diggers or even sometimes even decent Colombian girls for months and the only thing that happens is that they some money down the border.
But do they find a wife ?

Step one:

Hispanic women


If you serious about finding a Colombian wife, you have to visit the country.

Just by spending a couple of days in Colombia  will not guarantee that you will meet decent, or any women at all, during your stay.

Theoretically, with the right support, finding a Colombian wife is very easy because there are millions Colombian girls with strong family values that seeking marriage with foreign men.

Unfortunately in real life, many American men struggle to find a suitable Latin wife, due to the following reasons:

Colombia has many sex tourists. In fact the mayority of Colombias tourists are sex or drug “hippy” tourists (backpackers).

So when foreigners ( with serious intentions about finding a wife ) fly to Colombia to look for women, they often find themselves in situations where women do not pay attention to them or they get attention from the “wrong kind of women”.

In fact from my very own experience ( being an attractive young european man 10 years ago) ,  I found it very hard to find a Colombian girlfriend, or to get a 2nd date in Bogota at the beginning.

Marrying a colombian girl


At that time I was wondering why, because
foreign men have the fame to be super popular among Colombian women.

Today I know that it had to do with several factors, which I didn´t take into consideration because I didn´t know the culture yet.
I didn´t meet my Colombian wife at a bar. I met her through a job I did for Colombian bank . I was working as a translator.

Small closed groups. Distrust of strangers

Due the general insecurity ( in Latin American cities ), in Bogota people tend to go out in very small closed groups and don´t allow strangers to penetrate this group. Colombia is a cutlure where people tend to take advantage from each other, when the next gives him the slightest chance. They call this “Dar Papaya” literal translation: “giving Papaya (fruit)”. Meaning:
“Giving the next the slightest opportunity to take advantage of you.”
This general distrust to any outsider of the small circle makes it difficult for  foreigners to penetrate these “closed groups”.

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Serious /  decent Colombian girls distrust foreigners

Why ?
As mentioned above, since Colombia has a lot of sex and drug tourism, Colombian Girls are extremely wary of foreigners, because they think they are just looking for cheap sex or drugs, instead of a serious relationship or marriage.

Of course there are cities in Colombia where the girls apparently are easy, but when you are a Gringo and a Colombian girl approches you in a bar in Cartagena, Barranquilla or Medellin chances are extremely high that she might be a “prositute”.

We have an excellent reputation in Bogota, Colombian and hundreds of Colombian Single women trust us, that we will only introduce them to gentlemen that are seeking are marriage-minded. With our tour you will have VIP status. Addtionally with us you will only meet family oriented Colombian women

Not knowing Spanish

You should know that the mayority of Colombians do not speak English at all.
I know there are guys that travel to Colombia communicating with these women through they smartphone translators and somehow they manage to “communicate” but seriously, this requires ALOT of pacience and endurance and missundertandings are 100% preprogrammed. Not knowing Spanish in Colombia is a serious handicap, that makes finding the right latin wife, even more difficult.

With our Personal VIP Matchmaking Tour, we provide our clients with a professional translator to ensure a smooth converstation WITHOUT any missunderstandings
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Unserious Colombian girls

There is an other kind of “easy” Colombian girls. They are just looking for a “Gringo Sugar Daddy”.
There is small group of American guys that are aware of that take advantage of it.

Colombian Girls

These are the type of guys that love to travel to Medellin because they can have a many “girlfriends” there.
Many Colombian women have very low standarts and are ready to sleep with any Gringo that will buy them a cocktail (or less)
In other words these guys are also sex tourists, but they found out that they can have sex with Colombia girls spending less money, than paying conventional “prostitutes”.

Colombian prostitutes also take advantage from American tourists. While their “normal price” for a Colombian would be something about 10 USD, the price for an American sex tourist  quintuples to decuples, making them almost as expensive as American prostitutes.

Indeed, due to the poverty and the general lack of education many Colombian girls are cheap.
It also depends on the region. You will find the most educated Colombian girls in Bogota.


Gringos that know Colombia know that there are Colombian girls have sex with Colombian guys for  a Coffee ( which in the Coffee country Colombia costs only 25 cent) are no longer interested in paying hundreds of dollars for a prostitute.

Sure Colombian Girls except a little more from a Gringo than a simple coffee, but since many Colombian girls have low standarts, most tourists don´t have to spend a fortune just to get laid.

The 2nd kind of Colombian girls  are seeking a Gringo Sugar Daddy for a luxury lifestyle

Unlike the “low cost” Colombian girls that are just seeking some financial gain to get by or relief and diversion,
there also are  Colombian girls that are seeking  a Gringo Sugar Daddy that will provide them a luxury lifestyle. ( Just like  the women that are seeking Sugardaddies in the U.S.)

In fact, sites like latinam*ricancu* an other sites are full of these kind of sex tourists, Sugar Daddies and also prositutes and cam girls.

Marriage minded men, that are actually seeking a wife can only end up being dissapointed with these kind of girls, because usually at the beginning these kind of “easy” Colombian girls pretend to be in love and to pursue a serious relationship.

sexy hot latina girl

This is one of the reasons why Colombian women and foreign gentlemen that are seeking a serious relationship come to us, because they couldn´t find what they are looking for at other popular dating websites.

Some of these “Sugar-Daddy-seeking-Colombian-Girls” do NOT want to get married and and even leave Colombia,
because they are used to a luxury lifestyle that is being sponsored by several Sugardaddies at the time and love their “freedom”.

Other “Sugar-Daddy-seeking-Colombian-Girls” DO WANT to get married. These kind will actually marry wealthy older gentlemen and fake that they are in love and once they are in the U.S. they dissapear once they find a younger, more attrative or wealthier guy.

If you are really seeking a life mate these kind of girls should be avoided by all means.

So what can you do ?

Colombian Girls !


So this is where we come into play.

Our vision is to support these gentlemen that are seeking a serious relationship and marriage and help them to find a suitable partner.

Don´t be fooled be these few “Unserious Colombian Girls” (if you are serious). They are just some black sheeps.

Colombia is full of amazing good-hearted  women that are looking for a serious marriage-minded relationships.

The 2 main reasons why many Single Men with serious intentions about finding a wife have such a hard time are:

A: They are stuck with scam sites  that are just about taking their money and nothing else, or dating sites that do not offer them any kind of support and guidance.

B. They do not know the culture and are easy victims for “unserious girls” that are just interested in money or a citizenship.

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We strongly promote tourism to Colombia because it´s a wonderful country with amazing women but,
I wouldn´t recommend anyone from the “First World” traveling to Colombia or to Latin America in general ALONE,
( with expeption of following destinations Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Galapagos, Peru, Uruguay’ )
unless you are an experienced South America traveler and you know how to take care of yourself, or you are a Colombian yourself

That doesn´t mean that Colombia isn´t worth visiting, you can be as safe as in any mayor U.S city, knowing what not to do and where not to go.

That being said, for the mayority of American men it is very advisable to have a professional guide, that takes care of them, from the moment they arrive until they leave and beyond.


What our service is about and why it is so valuable, if not indispensable, if you are looking for a wife in Colombia:

We take care of you of safety during your stay, so you can relax and have an amazing experience dating stunning pre-screened marriage-minded Colombian Single Women or your criteria.

You just inform us about your critiera and fly down to Colombia and we will take care of everything else.

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