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Many men that are interested in Colombian Girls or Latin women in general wonder if these Latina women will be interested in them.

The answer is:

Generally Colombian Girls are interested in “Western men” in general, but it also depends:

You don´t have to be very physically attractive, in order to be attractive to Colombian Girls. 

It is an advantage to be a white Caucasian with light eyes, but you don´t necessarily have to have blond hair and blue eyes.
Colombian girls are also interested in guys with darker skin and eyes, unless the don´t look like a typical Mexican or Colombia.

The ladies that join this website are interested in men that look different from the local “Colombian” guys.

Typical Colombian guys drinking cheap moonshine booze.

If you look just a little bit more attractive that these guys above, you can bet that you will be extremely popular among Colombian girls.

You wouldn´t believe the type of Colombian guys that beautiful Colombian ladies are dating in Colombia.

Your weight and height doesn´t really matter to Colombian girls.

If you an older average looking gentleman in the U.S and you don´t get any female attention at all,
you would be surprised how much attention you will get in Colombia !

Don´t get us wrong, Colombian women even DO have standarts, but compared to the criteria and standarts from the women in your country, Colombian ladies have much lower standarts and expectations.


Does my income matter to Colombian Girls?

Your income doesn´t matter to Colombian women.
If you have a 9 to 5 American salary and capable to paying a rent and maintaining a wife and 2,5 kids you are considered as RICH in Colombia.


Will Colombian Girls be interested in me if I have kids?

It really depends on how many kids you have and your expectations.

If you have 2 or more small kids or more and you are looking for Colombian girls WITHOUT kids, it will be difficult to find a Colombian girl.

In Colombia it is not so common that girl in the age range from 20 – 35 do not have kids !
It´s almost something rare and special.
Thus, most Colombian women that doesn´t have kids tend to have higher expectations and are not willing to date men with several kids.

Some childless Colombian women are willing to date men with kids if:

– The kids are already grown and not living with you.
– You  are a “white” caucasian person and you have maximum 1 child and you want to have more kids.

We already have had clients with 2 or more kids that have found a Colombian woman without kids.
In Colombia it is possible, but in general if you have small kids (living with you) you should be willing to accept a Colombian girl with a child.

Colombia is a great country to find a new wife / mother for your kids.
In fact a significant percentage of clients have kids and are looking for a new wife.

Don´t worry if Colombian women could be interested in you.

With the right support and guidance pretty much ANYONE, any single man who has good intention can find a good wife in Colombia

We have had clients with a physical disability or even wheelchair-bound clients and we have found them a wife. These couples are married and still living together.

Nevertheless, some clients have absurd expectations. If we can not help you because we can not meet your expectations we will tell you, before accepting you as a client.

Are you interested in a Latin wife and wonder if we can help you finding a partner that meets your critiera ?


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