Like most Americans, probably you have only dated American women in the past. However, many Americans have found themselves interested in dating a Latina. There are a few important key differences what Latin women want opposed to what American women want. Remember this does not apply in 100 % of the cases and is more or less just a generalization.


When our are dating a Latina in most cases you are also dating her Family

Family is everything for most Latinas. The mayority of Latin women and men live with their parents until the get married, some even continue living with their parents after marriage. It´s normal to spend a lot of time with the immediate family even after moving out of the house. As a matter of fact, its rare to find a Latin woman or man living alone. This also have something to do with the low salaries and the high rents in some Latin American cities.

When you marry a Latina you have to undertstand that you marry her entire family, they can not be avoided as with American women. Her family will also have influence in who she dates and marries and how she raises her children

Distribution of Roles

When it comes to housework an other labors around the house the social class of a Latina will fall into effect.
Upper class and even many middle class Latinas were raised with maids and cooks and have never even swept a floor in thier life. This might be hard to understand for an American, but it is completely normal in Latin American Culture.  Maids are extremely unexpensive in many Latin American countries like Colombia and in many cases work just for food and a place to sleep. Even some middle and low class Latinos with salaries of under 700 USD / per month can afford a full or partime maid.

For many upper and middle class Latinas not being able to afford a maid, means being poor.
In order to make relationship work and to avoid missunderstandings, it’s important to understand the differences in culture.
However, the vast mayority of Latinos can not afford a maid.

Being more precise, having a maid in Latin America is not a luxury, reserved to the super rich.

If you are looking for a Latina to do the housework and cook for you and possible raise your already exisiting kids,
there are millions of Latinas who would be glad  to do that, but make sure you discuss these topic with you Latina girlfriend, in order to prevent ending up  with a spoiled upper class Latina.

If you are going to marry a Latina which has been raised with a maid “empleada” you will have hire a maid, because your upper class Latina will not do anything around the house.



Loyality is a big topic for Latin women. You have to be ready to commit fully to a Latin Woman, you can not have some kind of “Open realtionship” where they guy is still allowed to flirt with other women with a Latina. If you want  to make it work with a Latin women, she has to be the only woman.

The good side of that she will be totally loyal to you. This doesn´t mean that no Latina will cheat ever, but generally speaking, Latin women are loyal and won´t be found chasing other guys. They want to be the center of your universe and inexchange you will be the center of her universe.



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