You might already have come across articles like “Things that you need to know when dating a Latina…”.
Most of these articles refer to Latinas that have been raised and are living in the USA. Even though they still have some of the characteristics, Latinas living in the USA are “americanized” and think and behave different than Latinas in Latin America.

This article informs you about 9 Things you need to know in order to make a good impression when dating a Latina in Latin America:

1. Most Latinas love to dance!

Basically dancing is a mayor element in Latin culture. If you do not know how to dance take dancing classes. Also, the mayority of latin girls are happy to show you how to dance.


2. Only a small percentage of women in Latin America speak English!

Latinas that are living the USA might speak some English but this is very different when you meet Latinas in South America. “Native Latinas” fully rely on online translators when communicating with American men over the internet.
It is a huge advantage if you learn some basic Spanish before meeting Latin women in their home country.
With our VIP tour you don´t have to worry about that, because our professional interpreter is included.


3. Be patient!

Punctuality isn´t taken too serious in most Latin countries. So if you arrange a date with a latina, you can take it for granted that she will appear at least 30 minutes too late. This is because looks are very important to latin women. There is no Latina that doesn´t use tons of make up and spends hours at the stylist. In big cities like Bogota it can take you up to 4 hours to get from one point to the other by bus. In some rare cases latinas are even extremely punctual.

4. Christianity is very important!

In most Latin countries such as Mexico or Colombia Christianity is extremely important. Even if you do not believe in god, don´t tell them that you are an atheist. Your Latina and her family would see you as the devil himself and immediately eliminate you as possible candidate.

5. Many Latinas see American or European men as ideal husbands.

If you travel to Latin America and are looking for something serious with a Latina, chances are very good that you will find the right one. Having an American or European husband is the dream of many latin women. This is because these women are yearning for stability, sincerity, responsability, respect, kindness and generousity (Things they can not find in most Latin men)


6. Even if you do not look like Brad Pitt you will do much better in Latin America.

You don´t need to look like a Hollywood Star or have a body like Schwarzenegger to be attractive to Latinas.
They are looking for a stable future, respect, honesty, commitment and love.
In countries like Colombia, you can even be in your late 40´s, have grey hair, look average and be a little overweight and STILL stunning girls in their 20´s would be willing to date you immediately! The main reason beause of that, is that caucasian men are seen as extremely attractive in most Latin America. Specially in northern South American countries like Colombia, Ecuador or Venezuela, white people with blue or green eyes are the very rare and seen as very exotic and attractive. Also many Latin men are usually immature in their behaviour when they are younger. This means that they like to change their girlfriends more often than their underpants until 35 or so. This is also a reason why Latin women prefer older men, because they think they are “more mature” in this sense.


7. Family is very important

Latin women usually have a strong sense for family values. Families are very united and they love to gather and celebrate as often than they can. This of course is differenet if your Latina moves to your country. Still, if a Latina sees you a possible boyfriend or husband, there is no way to avoid her family.


8. Be generous

Don´t expect her to invite YOU for a drink.
If you date women in South America, you should know that even the bus ticket to get from her home to the location of the date is an investment for her. In countries like Colombia the average salary is about 250 USD a month. In other Latin countries the average salary is even less. The cost of living is not as low as you might think and this money is just enough to survive. A bus ticket will cost her at least 1,50 USD or so. At night it is usually not so safe to travel by bus and it is safer to use a Taxi. If you want that she sees you as a real gentlemen, offer her to pay for her taxi. They really appreaciate that. Taxi´s are really cheap in countries like Colombia.  This would be an other huge plus for you.

9. Don´t be the Gringo looking just for fun.

Many Latinas have the preconception that foreigner are just looking for cheap prostitutes in their country. In fact countries like Costa Rica, Colombia and Brasil are one of the mayor hot spots for sex tourism, thus women in these countries think that ALL foreigners are just looking for cheap love. Also, they do not want to be seen as easy themselves. Latin women, that are not prostitutes, try to avoid those kind of tourists by all means.
If you are looking for a serious relationship with a latin woman, make her understand that you are not one of these tourists and you are really looking for a serious relationship. This will be an other big plus for you and make a appear under and different light.

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