Colombian women family wirh white man


Kerry from Texas.
He is got married in August 2014 and is lives in Colombia:

I have been traveling to Bogota since 1986. I`m 59,considered very handsome, no beer gut.

Here is the truth, as I have learned. Every country, I have visited 29, has it`s bad seeds male and female. In August I will marry a very beautiful 34 young Colombian Lady that I have been with for a year. I love the cold nights in Bogota, so does she! Does money count? Heck yes, to any woman if you want to marry her. If you cannot provide for a woman in your life don`t look for one. Educated Colombian women are not difficult to find.


I must admit that I had some doubts before joining this website.
Given that I have tried many other dating website with practically no results.

The team is very professional and offered me a consultation before becoming a member.
I think the biggest difference here is that this website actually actively helps their customers in building contacts.

After becoming a member it didn´t take long until I was in contact with some beautiful Colombian women. The lady with whom I´m in contact with in the moment with seems to really seeking a serious relationship, we seem to have a lot in commmon and I can´t wait until I will visit her and maybe others in Bogota next week. We are talking nearly every day through Skype.
I want to use this opportunity thank you for all your support.


mycolombianwife is the real deal if you want to meet Colombian girls. It’s easy to use, has A LOT of young attractive women and it is good value for money. 5/5 rating.

Jenny and John married in 2013 in Australia.
“She is everthing I’ve dreamed of in a woman she is very beautiful no one can compare to her she is my life I love her very much.”



After some research I decided to take the BOGOTA VIP TOUR. I was totally overwhelmed. I have never thought that such women do exist. Then on the 5th date I met Carolina the first time. The interpreter helped me to get back on the ground and I dated her 4 times again. In 2 months I`m going to visit Colombia again to marry her. Thanks.



I always admired latin women. So I thought I would give it a try. After corresponding 2 months on the website I decided to meet these girls in person.
In Bogota I have been introduced to 10 single women in 6 days. Only one touched my heart. Yurleidis is her name. We are definitely going to get married in Colombia. Great support I appreciate your help very much



Hola, Agradezco mucho a esta agencia  por haberme presentado a mi actual esposo, el vino desde España, hace 2 años nos conocimos, nos enamoramos , actualmente estamos casados hace 1 año, y estamos muy felices,  muchisimas gracias por haberme permitido encontrar el amor de mi vida, nunca habia conocido un hombre asi de amoroso y especial, tambien el proceso de la pagina es excelente piensan en todo en cada detalle muchisimas gracias!!

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