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1. Age difference isn`t such a big deal with Colombian women.

In Colombian culture an age difference of more or less 15 -25 years is normal. This means that Colombian girls in their 20´s are often found married to men in their 40`s and it is seen as totally normal.
Although we do not recommend a very big age difference, in Colombia you can definitely find younger and more attractive girls interested in dating you.

A recent survey showed that  85% of our female members are willing to date men 10 – 25 years older than themselves.

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2. You dont have to look like DiCaprio to be attractive to Colombian Women.

Many Colombian girl that join our website, also not interested in dating Colombian men. They think Colombian guys are not very attractive physically in their looks and their personality.

The truth is that many Colombia men are disrespectful and notoriously unfaithful and not family-oriented.
Just like Latin American Countries in general,  Colombia is a “macho culture” and many Colombian women are just not treated nice by men.

75 percent of Colombian women would be willing to marry men from other countries

75 percent of Colombian women would be willing to marry men from other countries

In fact, violence against women is a still big topic in Colombia.

That´s why so many Colombian women are yearning to meet foreign gentlemen.

A recent article in Colombias most important newspaper even stated that 75% of Colombian women want to marry foreign men.


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3. Bring some heat back into your life.

Colombian women are very optimistic, cheerful, “caliente” and passionate  in all senses.
Many American, Canadian and European girls are often apathetic, passive, stuck up, shy and emotionally dead.

Have you had it dating these kind of women ?

Stop wasting time with these kind of women, a start dating a fiery Colombian Girl !

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4. Marry a woman with real family values.

These days it is hard to find women with real family values in North America & Europe.
In the first world family values are sometimes seen as old fashioned and there are only few women left, that value traditional family values.

On the other hand, family is very important to a Colombian woman. The ultimate goal of a Colombian woman to form a nice family with a nice and sincere husband.

Colombian women family wirh white man

5. Colombian women are modest.

Compared to most “Western” or Eastern European women, Colombian women can be seen as modest.
You don´t have to be a millionaire or own a mansion in order that Colombian woman finds you attractive!

Remember that the majority of Colombian women have to live in their family house with their kids, parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents.
If you have a 9-to-5 American income and are living in a 50 m2, 2 room, apartment it will totally OK for most Colombian women.
You dont have to spend 1000´s of Dollars in order to keep them entertained.

I would say most Colombian Girls are low-maintenance, which is an other big plus in favor or Colombian women.

Most Colombian women are seeking a simple but secure and stable lifestyle.

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6. Colombian women make good mothers and wives!

Thanks to Colombias “macho culture” most ( but not all ) Colombian Women have been raised to be perfect housewifes and mothers.
Personally I don´t support “machismo”. This article is about the truth about most Colombian women and the advantages that you can expect.

From a very young age Colombian Girls are expected are to be perfect maids for their family.

For many Colombian girls taking care after her husband and children is their “meaning of life”.
Colombian men are very demanding and expect that their wifes to do all the chores and keep their bodies in shape and cook them 3 hot meals ( including 2 soups) a day.

Attention: Not all Colombian Girls are like that. As I´ve mentioned in former articles, even in Colombia some kind of emancipation took place, but the percentage of girls that won´t have the upper mentioned qualities is very low. The majority are from very rich, high class Colombian families and totally spoil their kids.  They even have them maids. These girls live in a bubble and do not know about the reality in Colombia. Even many middle-class Colombian girls are held in the illusion that they can make a career in Colombia and live independently  without any support. This is only the case for the 0,05 % of Colombian Girls with very influencial and rich parents.

Nethertheless even these girls have strong family values and also even upper-class Colombian women are seeking foreign men
Once committed they will love to take care of themselves, of you and your future family.


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7. You´re done dating women in your country.

The 7th, and most important reason, why you should consider dating Colombian women is when you have given up dating local women.
Many of our clients simply are not interested in dating unattractive ladies in their age range.
That´s why they are looking for alternatives in other countries.

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With our matchmaking service in Colombia you can find  traditional latin single women that are still in shape. 

Many women in the U.S and Europe have complicated personalities, with a lof of emotional beggage and  with unrealistic and high expectations. Many of them have been brainwashed by the media and society with false ideals and false expectations.

In the US, Canada Australia or in the countries in Europe is very difficult to find simple traditional resepctful , caring and loving women that know how to take care of themselves and her partner.

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Colombian Women

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