An inspiring pop singer from Colombia`s Carribean coast is gaining popularity worldwide with her mystical traditional dialect of the Carribean region.

Her series of youtube videos called Clases de Cordobese (‘Lessons of a Cordoban) have spread like virus across the internet worldwide. Each clip features a lesson about what an individual word or phrase means.

Of course each department in Colombia has it`s own phrases and dialects, but the dialect of the Colombian coast, known as the costenian accent is considered as extremly hard to speak and to understand, even for the locals.

YouTube video

Martina explained in an recent interview with Cordoba News channel “El Maridiano” that she found it interesting to pick up the some phrases from her home state Cordoba. She distinguishes the local dialect from Cordoba as different from the more well known tourist areas of Santa Marta, Cartagena and Baranquilla.

“Depending on the region, there are things which are really different. In the same region, the words change and the meanings change from one town to the next. Its amazing. I think its difficult to speak Cordobese, but I wanted to help the world. I love my accent and I love the fact that people notice where I am from. People always ask, where are you from? Cartagena, Barranquilla or Santa Marta? For lots of people nothing else exists on the colombian coast. But I’m not from any of those cities, I am from Cordoba. “ she explains.

After her 33rd video upload and with an ever growing fan base worldwide, her career as the new Colombian musician is blooming.

Watch here her latest music video:

YouTube video

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