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In this article we will introduce you to some of the most beautiful women Colombia has to offer.

We will not only include the most famous Colombian Models, but also the most beautiful Colombian newcomer models.

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1. Colombian Model – Julieth Román

Julieth Roman-17 Colombian Models

Colombian Models

Flirty looking, but tender. Sweet voice and harmonious body. At first sight captivates the attention of those who see it, because as a whole it is an attractive woman, who plays with her beauty and goes mad when talking. She is not shy at all, on the contrary, with her attitude expresses security.

“I came from Medellín and I’m based in Bogotá because I know that this city is very important for the world of modeling and presentation,” says Colombian Model Julieth

Regarding her curves, she says that she tries to exercise a lot to counteract her unhealthy eating habits. She doesn´t have a any special diet.

Nevertheless, Julieth has queen measures.

“Daily I do 40 minutes of exercises. I do squats and many abs. ”
The routine becomes evident by looking at her  toned figure. Her main focus are her butt and abdomen.

Leaving aside the theme of beauty, Julieth expresses that she nourishes her spiritual part a lot and that externalizes her maintaining a balanced life, full of emotions and expectations that encourage her to keep fighting for all her dreams.

Her most significant participation was in the movie “El cartel de los sapos.”

In the field of modeling, it is worth mentioning that she has been the cover of Maxim magazine in Mexico, as well as the fact that it has been in several advertising campaigns in Colombia. She has been the image of several brands of jeans.

Colombian Models Julieth Roman-11

Colombian Models

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Instagram: julietaroman

2. Colombian Model: Melissa Giraldo

Colombian Models

Colombian Models

Colombian Model Melissa Giraldo is orginally from Antioquia. (Antioquia is a department in Colombian which capital is Medellin)
She loves challenges, and describes her style as casual and uncomplicated. Since 2010 she lives in Bogota.

She never crossed her mind to be a model or work in the media. As a child, the sport was her addiction and ended up being the image of AVON for Central America, in addition to starring in campaigns to Leonisa, Chevignon and covers for STAR notebooks.

This paisa (woman from the colombian Antioquia department) is 1.72 meters tall is currently one of the most important Colombian Models. She has two characteristics: Her face and her eyes do you have the ability to transform into Lolita or “femme fatale”. She knows how to act very well on camera, and has the ability to easily transform into two completely different personalities.

“Everything in life is coming, and at the right time.”

Colombian Models Melissa Giraldo3

Colombian Models

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3. Diana Jaramillo – Colombian Models

Colombian Models diana-jaramillo-9

Colombian Models

Daniela Jaramillo is from Florencia, Caqueta , she is a model since she was nine years old, although he loves her profession she has clear that what she likes most is photography!

She is currently studying English she is considered and enterprising woman, a lover of reading and Yoga.

She is a smiling woman with a captivating look. He was born in Cali, but grew up in Armenia, where he shined for her beauty. At age twelve she began her career in the world of modeling thanks to her mother, who was always aware of her performance. Diana began studying modeling, etiquette and glamor; From that moment on, the desire to become one of the Colombian top models was awakened, a dream that today is a reality.

“I knew that this was my path from the moment I stepped on the catwalk and attended a photo shoot,”

At age 16, she decides to settle in the capital, taking into account that in Bogota she would have more possibilities to reach her goals. This way, opened her the doors  to participate in different national and international competitions, such as Top Model Colombia, Miss Intercontinental Tourism and Miss Fox Sports; She also become the image of different campaigns and important designers.

Colombian Models diana-jaramillo-3

Colombian Models

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4. Elizabeth Loaiza – Colombian models

Colombian Models Elizabeth Loaiza26

Colombian Models

The Colombian model Elizabeth Loaiza Junca was born 1989. She is beauty pageant winner and helicopter pilot.

Elizabeth began modelling at the age of 4. She won the Miss Mundo Colombia (Miss World Colombia) beauty pageant in 2006.

Colombian Models Elizabeth Loaiza27

Colombian Models

Cover of countless magazines such as SoHo, which has been ported four times, Don Juan, Novias, Tv and Novelas, Vea, among others. In 2015 was an image of Colombian Clinic of Obesity and Metabolism, and protagonist of a music video of John Paul Ospina called Doin ‘it.

5. Diana Gaviria – Colombian models

Dreamy and passionate, this is Diana Gaviria, a young girl born in Pereira Colombia, who has been in modeling for six years. In addition, dhe studied Financial Management and among her next plans is to study psychology.

a colombian model

Diana Gaviria is a white-skinned woman, with §honey-colored§ hair and light brown eyes make her face a charm. She is 1.75 meters tall, her measurements are 90, 66, 100 and the favorite parts of his body are “my eyes, because they are big and expressive and my legs are long and thin,” she says.

Diana is neat, thoughtful, respectful and authentic. She is strong in character, but it is very supportive and humanistic. She also likes to help others. She is an independent and prudent woman with her decision making.

At the beginning of her model career she had appearances at events, concerts and public establishments with the liquor company of Antioquia forwhich which she worked. Also, she posed for catalogs of clothing boutiques such as Chicle Rosa, in Pereira.

a colombian model

She recognizes that being a model is not an easy task, even though it is a highly competitive world and recognition becomes increasingly complex. However, she resorts to her dedication and talent to be a great model and become a Victoria’s Secret angel. She loves to look and feel good, therefore, she goes to the gym daily and knows how to eat healthy, without resorting to strict diets.

6. Adriana Arboleda

Adriana Arboleda is a Colombian model and presenter born in Cali, Valle del Cauca, on August 8, 1978.She began her career in modeling at the age of 15, was the winner of the 1995 Model of the Year contest and in 1996 was named Look of the Year. She has been featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vanity.

She was the official image of Cafe de Colombia.Adriana also ventured into acting in 2001 on the hit Colombian novel Yo soy Betty, la fea.His debut as host of celebrity was in the Noticiero CM & in 2003, although she had already appeared on shows like Panorama, American Blind and QAP News.

Some months later she went on to present the entertainment section in Caracol Noticias (News Today Caracol)

Colombian Model Adriana Arboleda

6. Colombian Model – Kathy Eusse

Kathy Eusse is a recognized Colombian model born in Medellin, Antioquia. From very young she entered the world of modeling being part of a recognized business “Johnson & Johnson.” Throughout her career she has collected major awards in the world of modeling at national and international level. International recognition: In the USA she has been invited to participate in a photo shoot for MAXIM Magazine online edition.

Colombian model - Kathy-Eusse

7. Anllela Sagra

Colombian Fitness Model Anllela Sagra is an Instagram sensation and 1UpNutrition Sponsored Athlete.

She has over 8.450.000 Instagram followers and regularly updates her page with amazing progress photos, physique pictures, and workout videos.

Colombian Model Annella sagra
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Colombian Models - Anlella Sangra

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