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Colombian cupid is one of most, if not the most , visited website by men that are seeking Colombian Single Women.

Colombian Cupid is part of Cupid Media. Cupid Media is an online dating company that operates 35 niche dating websites based on religion, ethnicity, lifestyle and special interests. The network of sites are available in multiple languages and since its founding in 2000, over 35 million singles have registered across the company’s sites.

The article is about the clear advantages and downsides and even the risks of Colombian cupid ( and other similar websites )

First of all your should know that this kind of dating sites only work out for a very small number of men.

We are international matchmaking service focused on marriage or serious long term relationships with Colombian women.

This article is what you should take into consideration when you are about to join Colombian Cupid when you are actually seeking a Colombian wife.

I´ts a business model, which allures its clients with enconomic monthly membership rates, but this kind of business model isn´t focused on actually helping you to find a wife.

This kind of dating site model is very common and similar to bigger sites like  eharmony.

In my opinion these kind of dating websites are okay for American Women or European Women, although the success rates are low, with local women you know what you are getting into.

Using this kind of business model for women from “unsafe” developing countries certain risks are involved.

The mayority of the users are not aware of these risks. We will come to that later in this article.


The advantages are:

Economic monthly memberships

You can send unlimited messages within the membership period.
There are other websites like loveme and a foreign affair that charge about $7,50 or more for  EACH letter sent.
Compared to these sites Colombian Cupid is very cheap.


I´ts the biggest Colombian women dating site. There are hundreds of Colombian women profiles.

Colombian Cupid is not a scam

While some users complain about that their credit card has been charged twice and then their account has been closed.
In fact, this also happend to myself once, but the most important point, which I want to emphasize is that the vast majority of the female members are actually real !
Although, given that they do not have any screenings, there are also many fake profiles.

Real users can not be taken for granted in the world of  Online Dating.
Other sites use fotos from models to create fake profiles.
These kind of sites are 100 % fake, no real women involved.


The down sides are following:

Quantity over quality

All kinds of low class Colombian girls can create a profile for free. ( Prostitutes, gold-diggers ect. )

We always stress the importance of the social classes in Colombia.
What we mean by that is that not every Colombian woman is suitable for marriage with a “Gringo”.

There are quality and not so quality Colombian women. At websites like Colombian cupid chances are extremely high that you end up with  low class Colombian girls.

What we understand under low class Colombian girls:
Colombian girls from a very poor family background, without education or any respect.
These kind of girls are only interested in money.
Many of these girls  webcam girls, prostitutes or are even involved in criminal activities.

Due to the low salaries in Colombian and lack of opportunties, Colombia is a breeding ground for gangs and prostitute.
A normal worker earns just 200 dollars a month a prostitute or a gang member earn 200 dollars a day.

However they are only a small percentage of the entire Colombian population.

There also are serious  quality women in Colombia


Many fake profiles and no screenings at all

Many users have complained is that Colombian Cupid is full of fake profiles.

The girls can create profiles, using pictures of other girls or in some cases even a guy can be behind the profile of the “hot latina”.

Some profiles are verfied, but the truth is that about over 95 % of the female profiles are not verified.

At All female members have to send us a copy of their ID card to indentify themselves.

The down side for the Colombian girls is that also criminals can join this website. Again, there are no screenings at all.

At we also check the criminal record of our male members. That´s one of the main reason why our service has such a good reputation and attracts more and more Colombian girls each day.

On Colombian Cupid it´s difficult to find quality Colombian women that are really interested in a long term relationship or marriage.


As mentioned before, Colombian cupid ( and similar websites ) are full of low class Colombian women that are only interested in money or in a citizenship.
For men that than are actually seeking a Colombian wife, it´s pretty difficult to find a suitable Colombian woman interested in a REAL relationship.
Unfortunately in poor counties like Colombia, there are many girls that are only interested in money.

Don´t get me wrong, I can guarantee you that Colombian women that are family-oriented and that are really seeking a serious relationship DO EXIST !
Our experience has shown that finding these jewels doesn´t depend on being lucky, but expert support and guidance.

Low class Colombian women often create some kind of relationship with the victim and will then come up with some kind of story in order to get some money.
In most cases its some kind of emergency, like a family member had an accident and she needs money for the hospital ect.
In 99 % of the cases its just a bullshit story  to get some money.
These kind of women always have several guys “on the hook” at the same time in order to receive money from several sources.

There are many guys on Colombian cupid that think they have a Colombian girlfriend, because the girl talks to them everyday.
The truth is in most cases these guys have NEVER even met the girl in real life  but the guy sends her money every month.
In many cases these girls even lie about their identity as well. They tell these guys that they have respectable professions and even own apartments ect.

These kind of Colombian women want to make you believe that they are not low class.
In Colombia its all about social classes and Colombian men know these kind of girls and would not never date these kind of women.
They know these kind of women.

In Colombia these kind of women are called “vividoras”. They have the fame to be lazy and to live off “donations” from different men.
This is like a job for these girls.

Fact is that colombian cupid is like a paradise for them because there are no screenings and an infinite number of naive gringos available.

You have to know that the Colombian minimum wage is 270 usd per month.
If 3 guys sent 100 usd per  each month, she already earns more than a minimum wage.


Flakiness of Colombian Girls

A problem is Colombian women is that they are flaky as hell.
Colombia is a country where things are not taken very seriously in general.
That´s still a big problem in Colombia and the reason why many things just do not work in this country.

I have talked to guys that talked to Colombian Girls on for a couple of weeks and then flew down to Colombia and the girls didn´t even show up !
I know other cases where guys have sent Colombian girls money for a flight ticket and the girl never showed up.
This is not as uncommon as you might think.
That´s an other story. I will get into detail on how to invite foreign women to your country correctly in an other article.

If the guy travels to Colombia just because of this one Colombian girl, which is the case in 95% of the cases and this girl doesnt show up, the whole trip is wasted.

At we get in charge that the Colombian girls show up on the dates that we organize.
We have all contact information of our female members and enough experience on how to deal with Colombian ladies in order to make them show up to the dates.


Colombian Cupid review – Conclusion:

Colombian cupid surely is one of the better options when it comes to Colombian Women Dating Sites.
However we find that certain risks are involved when using this kind of dating sites for foreign women from less developed countries.

1. What makes this kind of sites popular is the fact that Colombian women are really dying to get to know foreign men and the result is that
the response rate at sites like Colombian cupid is higher compared to Dating Sites featuring local women.

Because of websites like ColombianCupid Colombian girls have the fame of being “easy”, which is partly true, but it isn´t that easy as you might think.

2. At sites like Colombian cupid you have hundreds of competitors.
You can imaging that attractive top profiles from Colombian girls get tons of messages.

3. The common problem with these kind of Dating Sites is that most girls message back once ( or do not message back at all)  and that`s it.
Sounds familiar ?
Thats a very common “online dating” situtation.

That´s what it makes difficult to establish long term quality contacts for the majority of its users.
Once a girl receives a message from a younger and more attractive dude, all attention is gone.

4. Due to the above mentioned factors and the flaky nature of Colombian girls it´s difficult to set up a meeting with a Colombian girl.
If meeting up with ONE Colombia girl can be difficult, meeting several Colombian girls, will be a real challenge.
We always recommend meeting several Colombian Girls, if you travel to Colombia.

With our Personal Matchmaking service you can  meet up to 12 Colombia girls or more of your criteria that are interested in getting to know you.

5. Colombian women are wonderful, but at a Dating Sites like Colombian Cupid, chances are extremely high that you end up with the wrong kind of Colombian girls that just want to take advantage of you.
The money wasted is secondary, the real dilema are the emotions and time involved.

6. Although Colombia is a beautiful country to visit and many things have improved in terms of security, Colombia still can not be considered a safe country to visit for the majority of American tourists.
There are certain risks involved. If you have never been to Colombia and you are not aware of the risks, we strongly recommend booking our Personal Matchmaking Service which includes a personal guide.

Thats why expert guidance and support is crutial for most foreign men that are interested in a serious relationship with Colombian Women.

Fake Colombian Cupid reviews

If you google Colombian Cupid Reviews you will find some very positive Colombia Cupid Reviews.
Don´t be fooled. All these extremely positive reviews are paid by Colombian Cupid !
They are affiliates of Colombian Cupid.

Colombian Cupid creates these fake review and the affiliate website earns money for every click.

ONE Colombian cupid review which seems to be one of these non-independent reviews is the following one:

This review is full of false and unrealistic promises.

Of course this reviews gives Colombian Cupid a 5 star rating for product quality, easy to use, effectiveness, value for money.

This review just wants to make you beleive that Colombian cupid is the best dating site ever and that just anyone can set up dates with Colombian girls that look like models in no time.

You don’t need to speak Spanish to set up dates on this dating site


The truth is that the vast majority of Colombians do not speak English at all and if you do not speak Spanish you will have a very hard time to set up dates.

I received 50 replies within 24 hours.
How shocked I was when I realized that 37 girls agreed to meet me after just ONE message.

Let me tell you. This is just not realistic.

7 scientifically proven openers for a 70+% response rate

Yeah of course scientifically proven.

Just don’t take a picture that shows you drunk, stoned, or both at the same time.

Who would have thought ! Wow, thank you great advice !

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Stay away from cupid media”
I’m signed up for there dating service and payed for the gold membership.
some days later my account gets permanently suspended from cupid media why i trye to change mi email without a refund!!! Stay away from colombiancupid!… are crazis!!!

Scam dating service stay away”
Hello guys!

I would like to submit a review about colombiancupid. A week ago I signed up for there dating service and payed for the platinum membership, four days later my account gets permanently suspended, without any reason from cupid media what so ever, I contacted there support several times, with out any response, I declare I have been ripped off, my money taken from me $100+.

If you wish not to be scammed, stay away from this service, I just opened a dispute against this transaction, I hope my bank will refund my money, because I am no rich guy, I am below average fianically situation that got scammed for his last dime, so the least I can do is warn others. Becarefull of this scam


“Cupid Media Scam”
Upon my recovery after been scammed by A******* posted my review on here) I decided to continue my journey finding a Latin wife so i decided to try a another dating site called, Huge disappointment, I paid for a monthly subscription of $30 and decided to talk to a few women, after about one day I get a email from colombiancupid saying my account has been permanently suspended, what a joke, after I pay my account gets permanently suspended, anyway I decided to contact, They got back to me after two days saying I violated there terms and conditions ? how? up to this day I still have no idea, I hardly spoke to the women on there, yet my account gets banned? permanently? I asked for my refunded and they tell me, Unfortunately since I violated there terms and conditions I’m not liable for a refund. Well that spells it out for you. S.C.A.M, You pay then you get permanently ban. Plus the women are fake one there!

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