Colombian Brides – 15 Reasons why you should look out for Brides from Colombia

Are you interested in finding a Colombian bride ?
Have you reached the point in your life, where you would like to have a family ?

You might have heard of Latina Mail Order Brides.
When it comes to “Mail Order Brides” in Latin America it is widely known that Colombian Brides are No 1.
You should know that, Colombia Women who live or have been raised in South America are very different to Colombia women who are born and raised in the U.S.

“Authentic Colombian brides” do have specific qualities, characteristics, and mindsets.

Read on to find out why many Colombian Women are 100% wife material.

Here are 15 reasons why you should look out for marriage-minded Colombian Women.

1. Varied and rich mix of races.

In Colombia you can find a rich variety of exotic looking ladies. However most Colombian girls have sensual bodies with tanned or olive skin. Unlike in most Latin American countries, in Colombia you can also find white women with light eyes.

Colombia is the perfect country for you if you are looking for exotic women with curves in the right places.

Colombian Brides

Beautiful Colombian Bride


2. Appealing personalities.

Most Colombian women are considered to be loyal, sincere, responsible and understanding wives.

3. Strong sense of family.

Colombian Brides have a very strong sense of family and to keep traditional values. Religion and family are very important in Colombian culture. Even to this day most brides from Colombia are expected to marry at a very young age, and are basically raised to be perfect wives.

The major priority in life of most Colombian women is to have an enduring and steady relationship with a man.

Colombian women seeking men


4. Colombia is not so far away. Compared to eastern European countries, Colombia is not very far away from the United States.

From Miami you can fly to Colombia in less than 4 hours and for less than 400 USD.

You can easily travel to Colombia over the weekend ,Friday to Sunday, and meet up to 8 marriage minded Colombian Brides of your critiera with our Personal Matchmaking tour.

5. Colombian Brides are cheerful and naturally positive.

Colombian Brides are naturally happy and optimistic all the time.
You might have come across that Colombia has been declared the country with the happiest people.
This is not a coincidence.

Being joyful and passionate about life is something deeply rooted in Colombian culture.
Colombian women love to enjoy and celebrate every moment of life,
despite the hard and mostly hopeless Colombian reality.

This is something admirable, considering that many women from the first world or eastern europe are chronically depressed or emotionally apathetic despite high standards of living.

A Beautiful white Colombian girl


6. Colombian Brides are not very pretentious.

Since Colombia is a relatively poor country, most Colombians are masters of getting along with very little money.
This means that most, but not all, Colombian women will be low maintainance and not very pretentious.
Colombian Brides are not a luxury reserved to the super rich.
Brides from Colombia are accessible to almost anyone with a steady middle class 9-to-5 income.

According to our experience most Eastern European women know the first world and are considered extremely pretentious when it comes to marriage with a foreign man.

7. Colombian Girls are passionate.

Have you ever met a passionate woman?
If yes you will know what it means to be with a passionate woman.
You will never get bored with a pasionate woman.
Colombian Girls can be passionate about everything and about life in general.

Colombian Brides 4

Colombian girl


8. Colombian Brides are loyal.

As long as you are loyal to them these ladies will be loyal to you.
This is something deeply rooted in their traditions and religions believes.
Unfortunately, loyal men are very rare in Colombia.
In fact, the biggest longing of a Colombian Woman is to find a loyal and steady gentleman to form a family with.

9. Colombian Brides are still an insiders tip.

Even though Colombia is considered the number 1 destination in Latin America for foreign brides, still very few men actually travel to Colombia in order to meet these women.

This is a huge advantage for you if you are seriously looking for a Colombian Bride and if you are willing to visit the country, because with our Personal Matchmaking Tour you will encounter countless stunning Colombian Single Ladies that are yearning to finally meet an American gentleman.

Colombian Brides 23 232

Colombian Bride 2323



10. Colombian Brides will cheer you up.

Colombian girls often live in difficult situations, where American or Euro girls would just be infinitely depressed.
Women from Colombia are just naturally cheerful and optimistic all the time despite the hard reality they are living day by day.

If you let a Colombian woman into your life, she will spark your life up!

11. Colombian women  are loving, tender, warm, affectionate and friendly by nature.

Many American or European women often are apathetic, narrow-minded and cold by nature.

Colombian Brides 2324546767

12. Brides from Colombia take it for granted to take care of their husbands, the house and kids without nagging.

They are trained to do all the chores since a very young age. Most Colombian women are also great cooks.

13. Colombia women are enterprising, hardworking, dynamic and have a high sense of responsibility.

Even though it is very hard to get anywhere as a woman in the macho-dominated Colombia.
Many Colombian girls are smart. The competition and low salaries force them to study and work at the same time.

14. Colombian women are very romantic.

Many women in America just do not have a sense of romance. In our society romance is seen as something old-fashioned and cheesy. If you like romance, Colombia women are just right for you.

15. Colombian women want to be mothers.

If you are seeking a family-minded woman, you also want to have a family with kids. Right?
You can bet that your Colombian wife will want to have kids with you and also be a great mom for them.

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