Jean Claude Van Damme is beside Time and Struppi is the most famous belgian worldwide.

Swelter is a violent story of greed and retribution.

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If you`re just looking for a trashy action movie without a story then the movie “Shelter” will disappoint you. The writer-director Keith Palmer from the movie “Swelter”  is able to potray a violent story, building tension and showing then the consequences of of violence. He wants to tell a story about redemption and second chances.

Instead of featuring a trigger-happy hero, Bishop (Lennie James) is a sheriff that keeps the order without using a fire arm. He is an introspective and thoughtful man that tries to do the right thing and live a peaceful life, until his less honorable past comes to haunt him.

The darkness in his previous life is potrayed by the following criminals: Cole (Grant Bowler), Boyd (Josh Henderson), Kane (Daniele Favilli) and Stillman (Jean-Claude Van Damme).

Favilli leaves a particularly strong impression. His natural charisma and the unpredictability of his character create a menacing presence that reminded me of Heith Ledger’s Joker. Van Damme also shines in a more subtle and vulnerable role. He brings all of his gravitas to a character that is a flawed human, not a fighting machine.

The main character from the level of her performance is Carmen, a single mother played by Academy Award Nominee beautiful Colombian actress Catalina Sandino Moreno. The Colombian gives another great performance, becoming the emotional anchor and elevating the film.

In summary the director shows the here with this movie the effects of violence.

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