Wax palms in Cocora Valley

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Cocora Valley is part of the Los Nevados National Park. The wax palms in Cocora Valley are the world`s tallest palm tree`s and are the reason  to venture to this peaceful hikers’ playground. But the more time you spend in the Cocora Valley, located in the central Colombian coffee growing region (la zona cafetera), the more the scenery unfolds. Beyond the postcard-perfect images is an ever-changing landscape that unfolds a host of little surprises.


These tree`s can grow up to 60 meters and can live for up to 120 years. The park and valley is small enough to cover the trails in one day on foot.

The magical beauty of the valley is present, when you arrive in the small rural hamlet of Cocora, the views from the single narrow mountain road spill out into an idyllic emerald valley that almost can`t be described by words but it can be experienced.


Depending on the season there are a lot of tourists photographing the beautiful landscape and wandering around. Colombia`s tourism numbers keep rising as more tourists return to their country while describing on travel blogs ect. how impressed they are.

This is an impressive landscape to admire at more than 2,000 meters above the sea and you can see it by walking further in the hills from the parking area or booking a horseback riding trip with a guide would also be a option.

Visit one of the restaurants to enjoy a fresh trout with or without breading and garlic. The plate comes with different sauces and fried plantains. Get the mullet wine like beverage “canerloza” which is basically juice, sugar, spices with or without rum.

To set up a guided horseback trail ride you pay  just10 000 Colombian peso per person, plus 10 000 per for the guidance.
( Together about 10 USD).
The ride goes through the cloudy forest, then to Acalme, and into the valley to the Finca La Montana.

Three times a day, jeeps whisk tourists from Salento’s plaza to the beginning of Cocora Valley where a couple of restaurants, cabins (55,000 pesos – US$27 per night) and a campsite are situated.

Very basic accommodation for 15,000 pesos a night is available at Aicme (no electricity, dorms only and cold showers) . It’s the only way to take in the sunset and the birds as they dance to the changing sky.  You’ll need warm clothes, it gets cold at night. There’s a kitchen available, bring all the food and purification tablets that you’ll need.

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