Today is Saturday the 14th of June and Colombia will attend their first World Cup game against Greece. They will be playing in Bello Horizonte. It must have been intentional. A press conference scheduled Thursday by the Colombian team in the city of roses, as known as Cotia.

On one hand, Yepes with his 38 years and all his medals on his shoulders and chest. On the other side a player in the blooming age of 21 the “natural substitute” of James Rodriguez who promises to be the Colombian captain of the team. Each journalist had the opportunity to ask a question.

Qunitero began his speech with a respectful gesture: “as stated by our captain.” It seemed like a way to ask for permission … The talented midfielder from Medellin, was the captain of the last U-20 World Cup Team (in Turkey).

The interview with the Colombian national player Juan Quintero 


How do you feel physically?

Good morning to all. I`m feeling good. I’m one hundred percent here because I had a season where I did not get to play much, but all the boys are doing well for the first game. We`ve worked well enough to try to find the maximum level of the entire team.

What does it mean to confront Greece? Have you thought about the game against Ivory Coast?

Sure that these will be two very difficult games and  there is also a short time between the two games, but we must take the first step with Greece. Of course we have the match with Ivory Coast in mind, but the first game with Greece is fundamental.

What motivates you? What inspires you?

So we go to the field, we are all Colombians, we are all fans of our flag and our beautiful country. The fact that we represent the country fills us with much motivation, pride, yet we know that something we fight for and we are filled with joy.

What is the strength of Colombia?

We have players who are doing well on a global level I think the strength of us as a group is that we all know that everyone gives his best as a team according to the concepts of our coach.

What does it mean to you to parcipate the first time in the World Cup of 2014?

I am very happy and proud to be here. I’m looking forward to the games and, as our captain says (referring to Yepes): “We must live in the present.”

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