Fernando Botero, one of the world’s most impressive painters. He is famous for his voluptuous and unique style of potraying Colombian people. The art museum of Botero includes 123 works of art by Fernando Botero.


His art collection includes drawings, watercolours, oil paintings, sculptures and pastels. You can also see 85 works by the following artists: Picasso, Renoir, Dalí, Matisse, Monet, Degas, Chagall, Giacometti, Bonnard, and others. The museum of Botero has been adwarded as the  Travellers’ Choiceâ„¢ 2013 winner for beeing one of the best sight seeings worldwide.

Who is Fernando Botero?


Fernando Botero is the most famous Colombian artist and sculptor. Although he is 82 years old now he still doesn`t have any plans to retire. He is more than just a sculptor and painter, Botero is an passionate lover and a philanthropist of the arts.

In the year 2000 the Botero Museum opened in the capital Bogota and Botero said at the museum’s opening the following:  “it gives me infinite pleasure to know that these works belong today to Colombia, to know that students who enter this house will come into contact with the most important artistic currents of our time, contemplating original works by great masters; to know that lovers of painting and sculpture can come to visit this heaven of peace and walk quietly through these halls, leaving them flooded with modern aesthetics.”

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Where is the museum of Botero?

The museum of Botero is located in the department “La Candelaria” in Bogota.


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