The Gold museum in Bogota is a sacred place. It contains close to 34,000 gold pieces, plus 20,000 bone, stone, ceramic, and textile articles belonging to 13 Pre-Hispanic societies: Tumaco,  Muisca,¡ and Choco, Malagana, Narino, Cauca, Calima, San Agusti­n, Tierradentro, Tolima, Quimbaya, and Tairona.


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The gold museum in Bogota is one of the world´s most important and interesting collections of Pre-Hispanic works in Gold. Every little piece is described in Spanish aswell as in English. In the first floor you can observe the tools made from iron and copper alloys, the bowls, and the mats. You will also find a restaurant and a cafe in the first floor.


In the second floor you can admire the use of metals in the political and religious organization of these peaceful people who hunted their food and loved the Sun and the Moon.

In the third floor, in the Cosmology and Symbolism Hall you will be able to get to know the mentality of these native people, their attires, nose ornaments, pectorals, anthropomorphic diadems, ceramic seals, spindle flyers, and knife grinders.


In the shaman`s room you will get an idea of the ecstatic, entranced chants and  the monoton sound of the rattles. With these tools and  with the help of certain, well known psychoactive plants they induce a journey of the expansion of cousciousness. Shaman`s generally are well respected and wise people in the indigenous community. They support and heal sick people and give them spiritual guidance.

In the gold museum you can hire a tour guide which also will give you interesting background information one the sacred and well preserved gold artworks of the native people of Colombia.

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