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Bogota, has about 8 million inhabitants. There are literally thousands of Colombian Singles that are looking for a foreign partner.
We are over 11 years in the business and have an excellent reputation among Colombian Women in Bogota.
Many Colombian Single Girls come to us through recommendations on a daily basis.

If you want to meet marriage-minded Colombian Singles in Bogota, we are not only THE ONLY Personal Matchmaking Service in Colombias capital,
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This is what makes our Personal Matchmaking Service unique. Not only in South America but in the whole world.

Meet Colombian Singles

Even “good” matchmaking services in Eastern Europe don´t operate like that.
Even the best Matchmaking agencies in Eastern Europe will let you choose a girl from their ” catalog” and then organize a date with that girl.
What seems like a perfect service, is not to so perfect for you as a client because, the girls that will be introduced to you will NOT have seems your pictures of personal information.
The girls have some kind of agreement with the agency that they have to appear to the dates.

What happens is that mostly older men choose much younger and very attractive Eastern European girls.
In 98% of the cases these Russian girls are not interested in the men they are obliged to date.
The agency can not force the girls to date their clients a secound or third time.
What happens is the agency has done its job. The client had a date with the girl that he wanted. That´s all.

What you have to take into consideration is that thre success rate wit such a “matchmaking system” is understandably very low.
Keep in mind, that I´m talking about the better Matchmaking agencies in Eastern Europe here. In Latin America such Personal Matchmaking Services do not even exist.
In all Latin America you will only find these group tours / bachelor parties, such have even a much lower success rate !
If you are interested in learning more about this topic, I recommend you this article.

The truth about most Latin marriage tours / Latin romance tours

Our Matchmaking service include a personal, transparent, individual and honest approach.

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Meet Colombian Singles

We have Colombian Singles from all over Colombia in our database that you can meet through our service.



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