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Cartagena is the tourist capital of Colombia. Cartagena Women have a skin tone that I can only describe as “milky” due to intermixing and their African genes. However if you are looking for Colombian women with a lighter skin tone, then you should visit other Colombian cities like Bogota.

Like in many other Colombian cities, you’ll find many local girls are wary of gringos due to all the gringo tourists that pass through the city. Nightlife can be sparse, and many girls in Cartagena will be hookers.
It´s a similar situation as in Medellin, the difference is that Cartagena has even more foreign tourism.
In fact, Cartagena is the number one sex tourism hot spot in Colombia. Prostitutes from all over Colombia go to Cartagena, because its the city where they can charge the most.

However, Cartagena is the most visited Colombian city and many international cruise ships, pass by Cartagena.
The city is designed, not for local, but for gringo tourism.

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The colonial architecture in the city is far superior to most colonial towns. Check out the old city and hit the beach a bit.

Cartagena is a port town in northwestern Colombia. The city is named after the Spanish city of Cartagena and is also known as Cartagena de Indias. It is the capital of the department of Bolivar and has a population of 1,075,000 people.Excavations show that this area is since around 7000 years BC. inhabited. The Spanish explorers in early 16th century, made several attempts to found cities here. The first successful attempt was that of that of Pedro de Heredia. He founded Cartagena on June 1, 1533. The city has long been an important link between Spain and South America. During the sixteenth century and the seventeenth centuries, Cartagena was one of the major ports of the treasure fleet and therefore a popular target for buccaneers. Thus the city was plundered in 1585 by Francis Drake and in 1697 by the French Admiral Jean du Casse.

In March 1741 the city was attacked by troops of the British Admiral Edward Vernon, who were advancing to Cartagena with a squadron of 186 ships with 2,000 guns and a corps of over 6,000 Marines. But the attack was repulsed due to the strong resistance offered by General Blas the Lezo, his garrison and the population of the city. Vernon had to withdraw when the arrival of a relief army led by Colonel Engineer Carlos Suillars the Desnaux, made his position untenable.

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Cartagena is both an important economic center, as well as a tourist attraction. The city has one of the major ports of the country. The city lies northeast of Panama, the Caribbean Sea and thus also on the Atlantic Ocean. The city has the largest Colombian Naval base in the Caribbean.

Cartagena Sights.

One finds in the old colonial city many buildings including the Palace of the Inquisition, a cathedral, the Santa Clara Convention and a Jesuit school. Peter Claver, patron saint of slaves, worked in and from the school. The center is on the World Heritage List since 1980. Around the town are a number of defenses, including the castle of San Felipe de Barajas, built between 1536 and 1657, the city walls surrounding the Old City (las Murallas), and the forts of San Jose and San Fernando, built between 1751 and 1759 in BocaChica.

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Outside the city walls, you can find the statue of India Catalina, a local Indian hero. To the south lies the modern town, on the peninsula of Boca Grande.

Cartagena Surroundings.

About 30 kilometers southwest of Cartagena are the Islas de Rosario (Rosario Islands), a protected national park with a large variety of tropical fish and sharks.

In the West Cartagena looks on the Caribbean Sea. South, the Bahía de Cartagena location, which has two entrances: BocaChica in the south BocaGrande and the north.

Cartagena is pretty much the number one tourist destination in Colombia for foreign tourists.

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Cartagena Night Life.

There are many bars and clubs and there is a better nightlife as compared to any other tourist city of Colombia. Cartagena has some of the best restaurants and bars in Colombia.

women from cartagena colombia

Meeting women from Cartagena Colombia.

Meeting potential candidates for marriage in Cartagena.

Many foreign single men who are seeking a Colombian wife visit Cartagena, because the idea of visiting a carribean location and meeting potential candidates for marriage at the same time is very tempting.

The basic problem is that chances are extremely high that you will meet only poor and uneducated women  and many prostitutes in Cartagena. These kind of women are not suitable as a potential life partner.

In other words: Colombia is a very diverse country. You can meet ALL types of Latina women in other parts of Colombia.
Latinas that look very different from Cartagena women. Many Cartagena women are not the best wife material Colombia has to offer.

First of all you have to know, that educational level of Colombian northern coastal inhabitants is very low, so if you are looking for women with some educational background you may better avoid Cartagena.

Cartagena is 100% focused on Gringo tourism. That means that Cartagena ist the most expensive city in Colombia.

women in cartagena colombia

Restaurant prices and hotels are extremely overpriced. Prices that most Colombians would never pay.
As mentioned already, prostitutes are also extremely overpriced in Cartagena.

That´s why working girls from all over Colombia are located in Cartagena, because they can charge up to 6 times higher prices.
By the way, Colombians that can afford a vacation in their own country prefer St. Marta to Cartagena, because St. Marta is focused on local tourism ( lower prices ).

I´m not saying there are no decent Cartagena girls that are seeking a serious relationship, but the reality is that this city is totally crowded with prostitutes.
So if you are a foreign tourist looking for Cartagena girls for a serious relationship, it will be impossible to differentiate the prostitutes from the decent women. The ones that are considering a serious relationship with a gringo.

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I have talked with countless of men that have been to Cartagena on their first Colombia trip and they only have met the mentioned kind of cartagena women.

Prostitutes, uneducated women from the lowest Colombian classes, almost exclusively dark-skinned women.

If you are a foreign single man looking for a bride in Colombia, you have to understand that not all Colombian women are the same.
Single men that have met Cartagena girls, think that all women in Colombia are just like them.
The same thing happens to men that have visited Medellin.
Medellin is an other Colombian city, which is famous for gringo sex tourism.

Many foreign single men that are seriously seeking a wife there will only encounter “working girls” or Gold diggers.
What we mean by gold diggers are women that are faking romantic interest and exchange sex for a dinner or gifts, but these kind of women are never interested in any kind of serious relationship.
By the way, the Gold digger phenomena is more predominant in Medellin. In Medellin there also are many prostitutes, but also many “Gold diggers” which are just looking for some financial support.

cartagena girls

Its no wonder that Cartagena attracts many tourists because of its carribean flare and colonial charm, but that is pretty much it.
Cartagena is absolutely worth a visit. In fact if you visit Colombia you should definitely visit Cartagena. Its a wonderful location to spend some days.

However, our years of experience has shown that it expert guidance and support is indespensable when it comes to finding the right Colombian wife.

There are basically 4 kinds of gringos that visit Colombia.

1. Sex tourists that know exactly what will await them there.
2. Backpackers, younger people that go there to party or for bachelor parties.
3. “Normal tourists”
4. Single men that are looking for a wife in Colombia.

If you belong to the 4th group, you should continue reading now !

Are you seeking a wife from Colombia ?

Our matchmaking service is located in Bogota, Colombia and we have the largest database of verified and pre-screened Colombian Single women.

If you are serious about finding a Colombian wife, and you want to save a lot of time and wasted trips to Colombia it is highly recommedable to hire a professional matchmaking agency.
If you go there by yourself, chances are just too high that you will only meet the wrong kind of cartagena women or lets say Colombian girls.
Colombian women that are looking for a serious relationship that leads to marriage join marriage agencies or matchmaking services.

Now the important thing to mention here is that you should not confuse these Romance / Singles Tours with a honest matchmaking services.
Like Cali and Medellin, Cartagena is also a popular location for these Singles Tours.

girls in Cartagena

The problem with these singles tours is that there you will just meet the same prostitutes and gold diggers you would meet on the streets anyway.
All guys that have told me about these singles tours in Colombia ALWAYS tell me the same stories and trust me I have talked with many of them in the last years.
These companies claim to organize events with marriage-minded women, but its always just prostitutes, unattractive women and gold diggers. Women that just want to be invited to expensive restaurants and ect.
It´s always the same, and not just in Colombia, but everywhere in the world, including Russia.
The best women a country like Colombia has to offer ( Quality, professional women ) just do not attend these kind of group events, because they would feel like cattle.

These Romance / Singles Tours are a totaly ripp-off and just a proven businessmodel to generate money.

The most important factor is time. 
Many single men that are seeking for “marriage material” in Colombian cities like Cartagena and Medellin don´t “get lucky” on their first trip.
They think that this is totally normal and maybe they will find a suitable cartagena woman for marriage on their NEXT trip.

The root of the problem is they don´t know Colombian women. They dont know which kind of Colombian girls are just not suitable for ANY kind of relationship.

I have talked with countless of man that have made of up to 10 trips to Colombia and they ALWAYS end up meeting the WRONG kind of women.
Money is not so much the problem, but if the intention of you trip was to find a colombian woman suitable for marriage and you haven´t met any if such kind, the trip and the money invested is wasted.

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The main reasons why you should avoid Cartagena if you are looking for a Colombian wife are the following:

1. Cartagena has the highest concentration of prostitutes in Colombia.
Prostitutes from all over Colombia go to Cartagena to work because in Cartagena they can charge the most.
Cartagena is in fact a sex tourism hot spot.

2. Most women in Cartagena are extremely poor and uneducated.

3. Lack of diversity. The mayority of Cartagena women are dark-skinned, so if you are looking for  Latinas with a lighter skin color Cartagena is not your city.
Cartagena women look pretty much like the girls of the photos of this post. If you are not into this kind of latina look, you better avoid Cartagena.

This combination makes Cartagena not the best location if you are seeking a latin wife but that doesnt mean that in Medellin other Colombian cities are better options.
Although in Bogota you will meet the most classy and educated women in Colombia, if you go there by yourself you it will very difficult to meet the RIGHT kind of Colombian women.

If you want to meet quality Colombian women. Women that are seriously seeking a foreign husband and that are beautiful and professional the best thing to do is to hire a professional matchmaker, in order to meet selected candidates in a safe environment with  the highest possible chances of success.

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