Developing a healthy relationship is key for a meaningful and loving connection. The effort you put into the beginning of relationship reflects your committmend and willingness to make it work. Having a positive and healthy partnership will increase your life quality and your happiness.

1. Exploring what you have in common

You can start a new relationship by exploring the interests, intentions and life goals of your new woman. Sharing your hobbies, favourite past times, interests and life goals is essential to see what you both have in common. Show her your true self and don`t try to push her into a different person. A couple in a healthy relationship should value individualism and be open minded about new ideas, thoughts or constructive criticism.

2. Trust

Use honesty from the start. By active listening and keeping an open mind you can address past situations or past partnerships. Active listening means to listen to understand the other person. If you give her trust she will also trust you and will feel comfortable to share her ideas, thoughts, insights or intention.

3. Communication

By beeing direct and straightforward you can start an open communication. Let go of any prejudices and get to know her first. Communication should never be limitted to certain topics. In the ideal case it should flow freely and while building up a good connection.

4. Determination

Keep in mind that finding a determined lady is important. A woman that is yet determined and ready for a healthy and happy relationship. This means that she is aware of what she want to succeed in life and with whom she want to share the rest of her life with.

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