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This is a travel guide for people who wish to travel to Bogotá, Colombia. On this site you can find, where to stay, what to see, where to eat and a number of places and attractions for any reason you can spend time in the “South American Athens.”

The most complete information that a smart traveler you want about Bogotá, is here. If you want to know the capital of Colombia, do so through its food, its people, its music, its traditions. Enjoy the warmth of its inhabitants, let serve and return anytime.

We selected 22 of the most important places to go in Bogota not just touristic places of the City, the best bets for you. Thank you for enjoying them and continue to be our VIP guest at this unique Bogotá. Remember, this is the tour guide tour of our Capital.

Where to go in Bogota: Try our Selected tourism plans in Bogota and the best Romantic plans in Bogota. Become our guest and walk in and discover some of the most important and magical places to go in Bogota.

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