One of my favorite characters in the “Modern Family” series, is Gloria (Sofia Vergara), the stunning Latin American immigrant who is living with a divorced American man (Ed Oneil aka Al Bundy). Modern Family, as its title indicates, depicts some of the newer family models that have crystallized in our society, which are seem to be far away from the traditional family models.
However, in Gloria’s case, there seems to be a strong incentive for such unions  between Americans and Latin Americans, particularly Americans and Colombians.

What attracts American men to Colombian women is that they do not behave like American women: That is, they have not yet been fully liberated. Many men aspire to have old-fashioned wives .

In 2016 more than 52,000 foreign women were invited to the United States by US citizens for marriage.

However, the liberation of women and their equivalence in rights and professional life is a phenomenon that also extends to more traditional cultures. So men must accept this new situation without dwelling on nostalgia. Not many years ago, the police used to stay out of marital discussions. The divorce laws were asymmetrical. A man could claim justified provocation if he killed his adulterous wife or lover.

Fortunately, things have changed, and they are also changing in less developed countries in terms of women’s liberation.  There is a correlation wich has been analyzed by psychologist John Archer. Archer found out that women  are less likely to suffer from spousal abuse in countries  where women are better represented in government and the professional world, and where they earn a higher income.

In countries where a more “traditional” culture predominates, such as Colombia, women are accustomed to accept certain type of abuse by men as normal. In fact, a study on the social and institutional tolerance of gender-based violence in Colombia, published in 2010 ensured that in cases of maltreatment,  94% of the couples conciliate. On the other hand, 74% of Colombian women who suffered sexual abuse between 2010 and 2011 were under 19 years. At the same time, the NGO Plan has warned that more than 104 million girls in Latin America suffer from gender discrimination, which affects their access to education and, consequently, their social development.

The upper described issues are one of the many reasons why Colombian Women prefer American Men.

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