Imagine havening all yours documents for the marriage in Colombia ready.
You have already made the appointment at a notary in Bogota 1 month in advance.(Getting an appointment at a notary in Bogota can take up to 2 months. Forget just flying down to Colombia expecting to get an appointment immediately or in a couple of days.)

Then when you arrive at the notary in Bogota on the day of the marriage, with all your documents ready, just to find out that the notary refuses to perform the wedding, because the have they impression that your Spanish is very limited!!

This actually happens very often when foreign men try to get married with Colombian women (without the support and guidance of a professional international marriage broker), because in the mayority of the cases, the Colombian girl doesn´t speak any English and the foreigner doesn´t speak Spanish.

That´s why if you consider to marry a Colombian woman, and your Spanish skills are very limited, make sure to hire an offical interpreter for the wedding, or else the notary most likely wll refuse to perform the marriage. 



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