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If you are an American girl, please don´t continue reading this article, just close this window. Sorry!

We don´t want to generalize, of course we know that there are some American women that are absolutely awesome and marriage-material.
However if you are seeking a simple traditional woman to marry, you will have noticed that they are hard to find in the U.S. nowadays.

But its also the truth that many American women are like described below and if you have dated these kind of women  you will know what we mean…
To be fair, it´s not just American women it´s probably all westernized women aswell.
Of course women in the USA have been decent until let´s say the 1980´s ?  – 1960 ?  
This article is about American Women today!

If you have had your experiences with American Women and you are seeking for an alternative, continue reading this article and find out, why Colombian women might be the perfect alternative for you!

1. American women have very high standards.

Many American women expect you to have a big house and a salary of at least 150,000 dollars from a high status job (e.g. doctor, lawyer, CEO).

Colombian women on the other hand, are content with a man, as long as he is a nice person and takes care of her and the family sufficiently.



2. American women have the highest obesity rate out of any other women worldwide.

Look at your average American woman today — She is just fat. Many American women lose their beauty by age 30 and become very ugly, wrinkled, and fat.

Colombian women, on the other hand, take care of themselves, exercise, and generally have very sexy bodies. Colombia women continue to be beautiful and attractive into their 40s and they look younger than they actually are. Beauty is very important in Colombia. Looking good and being in shape is actually the most important thing for a woman in Colombia, that´s why Colombian ladies do everything to look as good as possible even if they are older.



3. American women see nothing wrong with cheating on her man.

Just look at the culture of America today. Slutty behavior has become a new trend.

Colombia women, on the other hand, have not been raised to act like whores. Colombia, like bascially all Latin Countries, is a very catholic influenced country. They generally are far more loyal than the vast majority of American women. This is no doubt due to the more traditional cultures that non-Western countries have.



4. America has the highest rate of divorce in the world.

Considering that 90 percent of divorces are initiated by women, the vast majority of divorces are the woman choosing to leave the man. American women are divorce happy, and will divorce their husbands over extremely trivial reasons. The divorce system in America is also extremely based in women’s favor, and many women will divorce their husbands simply to “cash out”

Colombia, on the other hand, has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world!
Colombian women have a much more loyal mindset to their men and won’t just abandon their husband because she read the latest chick book like Eat Pray Love and decides she “needs to find herself.” Colombian women are extremely devoted and loyal and even submissive to their men. Due to traditional and religious beliefs, marriage and the promise to stay together in the good and in the bad forever is taken very seriously.



5. American women have the worst attitudes in the world.

American women embody pretty much every negative quality you can think of, —selfishness, immaturity, narcissism, fake personalities, arrogance, and anger. In short, American women can be a real pain in the ass to be around. This is just one of the reasons many of our members have chosen to cut all contact and friendship with American women and only maintain friendship with non-American women.

Colombian women, on the other hand, are generally pleasant people to be around. They are much more down to earth, natural, authentic, humble, and genuine.



6. American women don’t know how to cook.

It’s like American women barely even know how to boil water. A home cooked meal to an American woman means boxed Mac N Cheese or Ramen Noodles.

Colombian women, on the other hand, know how to cook complex multi-course dishes. Colombian men expect Colombian women to cook them 3 hot meals a days. Colombian women often pamper their men and treat them like her boy. This is absolutely normal in Colombia. The Colombian cuisine is very tasty by the way!


american feminist woman

7. American women are more brainwashed by feminism than any other country on earth.

Feminism in America has transformed into a man-hating movement that is reflected in the attitudes of American women. According to an American woman, “independence” is equal to acting like a spoiled, loud mouthed brat.

Feminism hasn´t even arrived in Colombia yet! Ok, it is still about to arrive. This means that there are only a very small percentage of women that may support feminism but they have a much more realistic view of what feminism means—equality. Feminism to a Colombian woman means simply being treated with respect, instead of wanting to dominate the man, like American women.



8. American women have the highest rate of mental illness by far than any other women on earth.

Let’s face it—American women are pretty screwed up as a whole. They are emotionally unstable, mentally unstable, and suffer from delusions and are out of touch with reality. An American woman is living in her own movie, with herself as the star. Some American women don´t stop talking none-sense all the time. And this narcissism from a sane point of view is reflected in their mental illness.

Colombian women, on the other hand, are very mentally stable, and aren’t prone to psychotic outbursts like American women are. Many women in Colombian had to face real problems in their life and have overcome them. Colombia women are much more down to earth and do not suffer from narcissistic delusions of grandeur as a result. This is because women in Colombia are far less spoiled and less brainwashed than American women. They live in real world where they have to work and survive and do have less time to think about stuff that doesn´t matter.


9. American women are superficial and fake.

They expect their men to also be superficial and fake. You have to put on a false image and be someone who you are not just to be considered as acceptable in America. Dealing with American women is exhaustive because of the amount of games you have to play.

Colombia women, on the other hand, are genuinely warm-hearted beings and you can just be yourself around them. You don’t have to wear a mask or be a fake person in order to get a foreign woman to like you. That, in the end, is probably one of the best things about Colombia women. You can relax and just be yourself and have a genuine relationship with a foreign woman.

If you have had it with American women…

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