Colombian women family wirh white man

1. She cares how your friends and family are doing

She genuinely interested in your family and friends and in having a good and proactive connection with them.

2. You share the same values

You both want the same type of partnership. You share the same values and a sence of gratitude or recognizing of finally having found the right partner.

3. You can be totally honest about every topic.

No matter how scared, nervous or uncomfortable you were feeling once. She is able to understand you and also to be honest about sharing past situations or relationships.

4. First contact person

She is the first contact person you want to talk to if something unusual happens.

5. She does not try to change you

She knows your flaws. Nobody is perfect. If she accepts you as you are then that`s a good sign.

6. Love

You can feel a great connection between you and her. You simply enjoy beeing together with her, sharing time with her and you already might have a great vision for you and your future wife. You might have this feeling of uprooting trees, the feeling of “Now we can get started on anything together to create the future we desire”.

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