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Many men that are seeking for women looking marriage also, or primarly, consider foreign women.

The reasons are clear:

– In other countries they can find much younger and more attractive women.

– Also in other countries they can find ladies with traditional values.

– Women that  are not fully emancipated feminists.

– Women that are feminine and embrace their role of being women.

These are the main reasons why so many American & European men are looking for women looking for marriage in other countries.
The main countries, where “Western men” are seeking marriage-minded women are: Russia ( other Eastern European countries ), Latin American ( Mexico, Colombia ), or Asia ( Thailand, Phillipines ect.)

Among Latin America women, the most wanted women are Colombian Women.


The reasons are also clear and simple:

– Colombian Women are one of the most, if not the most, beautiful women from Latin America.

– Unlike in other Latin Countries in Colombia you can find a large variety or different types of Latin women.
While in countries like Mexico or Peru you will find mostly indigenous looking women and in the Dominican Republic mostly women from African ancestry, in
Colombia you can also find White Women or Mestizo Women ( White-European mixed with idigenous )

– There are many younger and attractive Colombian ladies are willing to accept older American or European men.

– Most Colombian Women are seeking marriage-minded family-oriented men, something which is hard to find in their own country.

– Compared to other foreign ladies ( such as Eastern European ladies ) most Colombian women tend to be more modest.


An other advantage is that Colombia is relatively close to the U.S. unlike Eastern Europen countries.

From Miami to Bogota it is only a 3:45-hours flight !

You can easily fly down to Colombia over the weekend, meet a 5 – 10 Colombian Single Women looking for marriage with our Personal Matchmaking Service and return Monday or Tuesday.

While in Colombia there are millions of women looking for marriage with foreign men, the challenge is to find the “gems”.
The Colombian ladies that are worth marrying / or even dating.

The Colombian women that are sincere, honest, have values, morals, a sense of responsibility and good intentions.

For the majority of foreign men it is virtually impossible to distinguish a “good Latina” from a “bad Latina”.
Americans just do not know these women and think that a Colombian woman is a Colombian woman, period.

Colombians know that not all Colombian women that are looking for marriage are the same.

The truth is:
There are some Colombian ladies that not even the sleaziest Colombian would ever date, because they are just low-class and just after taking advantage of men.
They are just looking for never move a finger again, or just move on to the next wealthier guy.

Ironically these kind of low-class Colombian ladies love to join these popular unscreened Latin women dating Site like LatinAmericanCupid and others, to look out for American men.
That´s why so many American men looking marriage-minded Latin Women, end up with Colombian women that are low-class, or even prostitutes and have bad experiences.

Imagine a cultured American businessman dating a ghetto-queen from the American underclass.
In this case, we are talking about the lowest classes from South America, which obviously are even some levels below the lowest classes of America.

What you have to know:

From our long year experience, we find that not every Colombian woman is suitable for an American / European gentleman.
As mentioned above, there are Colombian Women that not even some Colombian men would ever date, then why should a cultured American gentleman do so ?
We find that mostly high-class Colombian women are suitable for American men.

Fact is, that Colombia is probably one of the best countries in the world to look out for women looking for marriage.


These women are from a good family-backround, are educated, respectful, have manners, and and have well-paid jobs ( for Colombian standarts).
Most of these high-class Colombian women do not have kids already, and are ready to continue working in other countries.
Also, these group of Colombian women will have actually travelled and are cultured.
They are almost like “western women”.

These are the kind of Colombian ladies that we are working with.

We have an excellent reputation in Colombias capital and many high-class Colombian women join our website through recommendations, because they know that we provide them with a quality service and quality gentlemen that are sincerly looking for a wife.

Please consider that 99 % of other so called marriage agencies or dating sites in Latin America will not introduce you to the best kind of women that the country has to offer.

When considering women from Latin America for marriage, it is extremely important to have a trustworthy guide or matchmaker,
who will ensure that you end up with the right woman and not just any woman.

That is the biggest difference with our Personal Matchmaking Service.

Are you looking for women looking for marriage, but you are not interested in women from your country?
Meet the best what Colombia has to offer with our Personal Matchmaking Service.


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