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My name is Alexander Kloble and I´m the founder at mycolombianwife and married to a Colombian lady myself.
My vision is to help men in finding the right latin wife and to facilitate the whole process for them.

Mycolombianwife has been founded in 2010 and keeps growing every day.
Today we are one of the top marriage and dating agencies in Colombia.

Unfortunately, we have to face the truth that about 90% of marriage agency are 100% fake.
We know the most and we know how they operate. Every day we hear new stories.
Many men have made  many bad experiences with other agencies, before they come to us.
Nevertheless there are serious agencies like us, that just want to provide their customer a real quality service, which provides a real value to them.

We eliminate the boarders and destroy barriers, because we believe that love has no barriers.
Our first consideration is to create strong couples and help people find their love and happiness.

Finding a wife in Latin America, without knowing the country or the language can really be a big obstacle.
Many men have failed in trying it,  others  don´t even bother because they think its too difficult or
they think they can´t find a woman.

With the right experienced partner on your side. The whole process is actually very easy.
We have helped men finding their true love, which would have never thought that it could it possible.

During the years we have created an amazing and efficient system, which allows foreign men, not only to approach Colombian women,
but to get through the whole process of finding and to marry their soulmate, without any problems.

One of the biggest barriers is the language. Many men that are interested in finding a Latin Wife do not have any or not sufficient Spanish Skills
in order to communicate with the Latinas.
On the other hand, the Colombian women rarely do have the English skills in order to communicate with their potential future husband.

When you become a member at mycolombianwife we will translate your correpondence with the wome of our website, without extra costs,
to make sure that you and the ladies have the best experience and are able to communicate efficiently.

We have a strict screening programm, which includes interviews,
to make sure that only honest ladies that are seeking a serious relationship make it into the agency.

When our clients decide to visit Colombia with our tour, we provide them a real VIP service.
This means, we will provide you with an experienced interpreter and tour guide, which will be available only for you during your stay in Colombia.
We will also arrange meetings with many beautiful Colombian single ladies that match your criteria.
With other words, you won´t have to move a finger.  We will do everything for you.
Our VIP service also includes Visa support. We are very experienced in this matters and we are be able to support you, in order to make sure
that your fiances arrive as soon as possible in your country.

If you are serious about finding a latin wife joining us will vastly increase your chances of being successful.

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Please contact us in case you have a question regarding our services. CALL US AT: 347-983-0204 (U.S) Thank you!

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