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We are an international matchmaking agency focused on Single Colombian women seeking foreign men for marriage and LTR.
When you want to meet Colombian singles, of course the first thing what comes to mind is meeting Single Colombian women in Colombia.

Thanks to the internet you don´t have to to fly all way down to Colombia, just to meet some Single Colombian Girls.

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Our service is perfect if you want to meet Single Colombian women looking for long term relationships and marriage in Colombias capital, Bogota.

single colombian women

Bogota, has about 8 million inhabitants. There are literally thousands of Single Colombian Women that are looking for a foreign partner.
We are over 9 years in the business and have an excellent reputation among Single women in Colombian in Colombia.
Many Colombian Single Girls come to us through recommendations on a daily basis.

If you want to meet marriage-minded Single Colombian Ladies in Bogota, we are not only THE ONLY Personal Matchmaking Service in Colombias capital.

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Why so many Single colombian women ?

Let us bring some light on the general situation of most Single Colombian Ladies.
I have been talking with Single Colombian Women for more than 10 years now.
During that time as a personal matchmaker in Colombia, these women have shared their experiences with Colombian men with me.

The truth is that most Colombian women have experienced lies, infedility, disrespect, in many cases even domestic violence and no interest in a serious relationship.
Colombian men are capable to tell these Colombian girls anything they want to hear in order to to get their way.

Actually it`s is indeed a sad situation for them because most Single Colombian Women they have inner beauty, values, qualities that would make them perfect girlfriends or wives.

single colombian women

single colombian women

Why are so many Single Colombian Women not looking for a husband in Colombia?

Basically we have noticed that these Single Colombian Women that we are working with have already given up looking for a husband in their Colombia.

I can totally understand them. Because what they are basically seeking is a serious relationship, with a family oriented man.

Beleive it or not, for many Colombian women it is very difficult to find a suitable family oriented partner in Colombia.

Most Colombian men are not interested in a “serious” relationship.

75% of Single Colombian  women interested in foreign men as a life partner

The common prejudice is that latin women, as well as women from other less developed countries are just looking for a greencard.
It is true that a small percentage of latin women are only interested in a citizenship, but from my 10 years experience as a matchmaker, working with single colombian women, I can tell you
that the vast majority of Single Colombian Girls that I have some across are not solely interested in citizenship.

For most women, as well as Single Colombian Women, other things are more important:

– Honesty
– Reliability
– Compatibility
– Attraction
– Similar goals
– Long term relationships
– Having children
– Taking care of her boyfriend / husband or kids

These things are much more important to most women.
Colombian women are just the same. They are no exception. They are just normal women.

The only difference is that they live in a less developed and insecure country, thus things like honesty and reliability are much more important to them.

Single Colombian women looking for a foreign life mate are basically just looking for someone they can trust and that stays with them.

What exactly are Single Colombian women looking for?

Colombian women are not looking for some kind of model or actor like Brad Pitt, muscular, very good looking, blond hair blue eyes and tall.

Colombian women are very simple by nature. I can tell you that looks or even age are secondary for most Colombian Girls.

Of course a very big age difference ( +15 years ) with is not recommendable.
Many older gentlemen that are in their 60´s often fall for very attractive Colombian girls that are 30 years younger.
If you are an older gentleman and a much younger and extremely attractive Colombian girl wants to get married to you, that should always be a red flag.
These kind of Colombian women are just not suitable for marriage or any kind of serious relationship.

That´s why it is recommendable to do this is guidance and support of a professional matchmaker.

Most Colombian women are just looking for stablity.
They are looking for a sincere man who will respect, appreciate and love them. Someone who is sincerly interested living in a serious relationship with them.
That is all.

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