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Definition of a Professional Matchmaker

What is a professional Matchmaker ?
What makes a matchmaker professional?
Or in other words, what is the different between a good matchmaker compared to a not so good matchmaker.



Let me explain :

The majority of the personal matchmaking services operate all in the same manner.
Even the ones that charge $15000 and more.
In the end they will all just introduce you to some random women that will not have seen any personal information, or photos of you.
The result is that in 98% of the cases these ladies will not be interested in YOU or you will not be interested in THEM.

No matter how much you pay for a Personal Matchmaker in the U.S., in the end you will have to get extremely lucky to find an attractive and compatible partner.
Most older gentlemen with whom I have talked in the past as a professional Matchmaker, already paid for Matchmaking Services in the U.S. like It´s Just Lunch and there they
have been introduced to selfish career obsessed old women that were only talking about themselves and had zero interest in them, or the other way around.

A good professional Matchmaker is the guidance and support  working side by side with you to  make sure to meet your goal of finding the life partner you are looking for.

First we determine the criteria you are looking for in your future wife and we listen to your experience and expectations. Most of the successful gentlemen that are contacting a Professional Matchmaker today, have gone already gone through dating services, dating sites and bad experiences. Followed by disappointments, frustration and an action paralysis.

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These mentioned dating sites and services have very low succesful rates for their users because they are only designed to generate as much money as possible.

How does a Professional Matchmaker work?

First we will assists you with the accomodation, sending you Hotel recommendations in Bogota`s best area in the desired Hotel category.

A Professional Matchmaker is working with the criteria you have for your future wife to introduce you to potential matches.

The Professional Matchmaker is actively in communicating with his clients and with the female members, to understand the expections and criteria from both parties.

This is how a Professional Matchmaker is able to schedule introductions with female members that meet his clients criteria and that are interested in getting to know his clients.

The potential ladies will have been contacted via phone, will have seen the clients personal information and recent quality photos before they  will have agreed to get to know the client.

That is what makes our service unique in the world.



After that our Professional Matchmakers will  schedule the meetings in the best restaurants and coffee shops in Bogota.
Your personal guide will pick you up from the airtport and start introducing you to potential matches one by one.

Your personal guide is not only there for the translation service but she will also be your personal guide and coach.

All our personal matchmakers have been personal trained.

With more than 9  years of experience of working with Colombian women and clients all over the world, I have the know-how to train my matchmakers, so that they are able
to assist and guide you in the best possible way to make sure that you have the best experience and highest possible success-rate.

Not for nothing our success rate is over 80% !



Even the better professional matchmaking services in Eastern Europe that only work with extremely critical Germans, do not operate like we do.

Even the best personal matchmaking services in Eastern Europe will let you choose the ladies that you want to meet.

Of course, this is a very compelling idea for us men, even for the extremely critial and demanding German clients.

But you have to consider that the ladies from the Russian Matchmaking Agency have some sort of contract that they have to show up for any client.
The Russian girls will never have seen a picture, not to mention personal information of the client.

Of course, in 89% of the cases Svetlana will not be interest in the much older and average looking German gentleman and the agency can not force her to date the client a secound time.
The Russian Matchmaking Agency apperantly has done its job of introducting the client to the the ladies he wanted to meet can not be blamed.

Not so good Personal Matchmaking Services in Eastern Europe will tell you that a couple of extremely stunning Russian brides want to meet you in Russia to make you pay for the service.
As soon as you arrive in Russia, all attractive young ladies that wanted to meet the client suddendly are not available, only the much older and less attractive ones are available.

Professional Matchmaker


Which backgroundchecks and screenings does a Professional Matchmaker do?

Working with all kinds of Colombian women and men from over the world is also a very high responsibility.

Colombian women that are interested in our services have to send us a copy of their ID card in order that we can check their criminal record.
We also make background checks on our male clients.
Before scheduling any dates we interview the ladies to check if they meet our criteria.
We only work with Colombian women who are ready to relocate  and that are sincerely looking for a life partner.

Our work as a Professional Matchmaker gives you the unique advantage of getting to know pre-screened Colombian ladies that meet your mentioned criteria, (for example age range, children ect.) and that are actually interested in getting to know you.

This saves you enormous time, money and nerves.

We are experts in what we do, your trutstworthy partner on your side, your guidance and support in your journey to find your perfect  Colombian Wife.

If you are interested in finding a life partner. Contact us now and we will be happy to assist you step by step.

Concerns or questions?

Please contact us in case you have a question regarding our services. CALL US AT: 347-983-0204 (U.S) Thank you!

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