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If you are looking for a latin wife is your Personal Matchmaker.
We are reliable and discrete and actually help you find the love of your life.

Personal Matchmaker


Love is a serious matter.
We guide our members on the path to happiness. You want to meet a partner who, just like you, is seeking a serious long lasting relationship.

Hiring a Personal Matchmaker is the solution. Together we map out your personality and criteria, and then look for the partner that suits you.

Definition of a Personal Matchmaker

Personal matchmaker

A personal matchmaker, is a single person that is solely dedicated to introducing you to possible matches.

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How does a Personal Matchmaker work ?

The majority of the personal matchmakers operate all in the same manner.
Even the ones that charge $25000 Dollars and more.

Most Matchmakers in the U.S. will introduce you to female members of their agency which THEY think are most suitable for you.

If you are a successful entrepreneur or businessman they will introduce you to businesswomen.
Thats the only good thing about it. You can be sure that you will not be introduced to some low class hillbilly brides.

What sounds like a good match, doesn´t have to be a good match.

In the end they will all just introduce you to some random women that will not have seen any personal information, or photos of you.

Personal Matchmaker

Just because the woman has a similar income to you, it doesnt mean that you both will be compatible.

Thats a common misconception. Love doesn´t work that way.

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When you pay for a matchmaking service in the U.S. you pay at least $15000 or a 6 months contract, and the personal matchmaker is commited to introduce you to 6 potential matches.

That´s all !

If your personal matchmaker would depend on whether you the ladies are interested in getting to know you, or the other way around, they would have a very hard to impossible job.

We only  schedule meetings with female members that have seen your photos and personal information and that want to get to know you

A good personal Matchmaker is the guidance and support  working side by side with you to  make sure to meet your goal of finding the life partner you are looking for.

Keep in mind, that 99% of the matchmaking agencies will NOT promise you to find you a wife or life partner ! They can not !

If a personal matchmaker promises you to assist you until you are married, it can´t be true !

Just think about it. What if you as a client will reject all the potential RANDOM suggestions that personal matchmaker will offer you ?

Will you just conform and marry one of their profile suggestions ?

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Personal Matchmaker

Be cautious, and think for yourself, what exactly you get for your money.
Especially if you can not afford wasting 15000 or more like that.

Can U.S. based matchmakers promise you to find you a wife ?


Can we promise you that?

We can not, but with us you actually have much higher chances of finding a Latin Woman that will want to marry you.

Can they promise to at least introduce you to women that you will like?


Can we promise you that?

All our clients have meet several women they also liked during their personal matchmaking tour in Bogota.
During our 7 days tour you can meet up to 20 potential matches or YOUR criteria.

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The process of Personal Matchmaking

First we determine the criteria you are looking for in your future wife and we listen to your experience and expectations.

Most of the successful gentlemen that are contacting a Personal Matchmaker today, have gone already gone through dating services, dating sites and bad experiences.

The Professional Matchmaker is actively in communicating with his clients and with the female members, to understand the expections and criteria from both parties.

This is how a Professional Matchmaker is able to schedule introductions with female members that meet his clients criteria and that are interested in getting to know his clients.

The potential ladies will have been contacted via phone, will have seen the clients personal information and recent quality photos before they  will have agreed to get to know the client.

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Personal Matchmaker

Women that join Personal Matchmakers in the U.S.

Have your ever thought about what kind of women pay for  Personal Matchmakers in the U.S. ?

Obviously, women with money, right ?

Well, for instance, top personal matchmaker Janis Spindel charges “only” $ 250 for women.
Men pay at least 25 grand ! A 100 times more !

Think about it.

> Attractive women have a very easy game in the local dating scene, especially in cities like New York.

-> Does the $ 250 membership ensure that only high class upscale women can join ?
No, pretty much every woman that has a job  can afford spending $250

My assumption is that women that join these upscale matchmaking services, either have a handicap OR are just gold diggers looking for marriage with a millionare.

Of course, there almost might be some decent, attractive ladies that are not goldiggers, but the majority must be women with a handicap or gold diggers.

What do I mean with women that have a handicap?
Well women that are not attractive, have pyscholocial disorders or small kids living with them.
There must be a reason why they are single.

Personal Matchmaker

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What about Colombian women ? Why are they different ?

Well, as mentioned in earlier articles, Colombia has one of the lowest marriage rates in the world.

Colombian women have a very hard time to find men that are interested in marriage or a serious long term relationship.

That is the main reason why so many Single Colombian women are are seeking foreign men.

Of course the handicap and gold digger factor is also present in Colombia, but with my long year experience working as a personal Matchmaker I can tell you that the vast majority of
Colombian women that are seeking foreign men for a serious relationship and marriage look absolutely amazing and have true family-values.

They are just normal women with traditional values looking for a committed relationship


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