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With mature Latinas I´m reffering to latinas that are older than 40
Most latinas are treated like childs even when they are already over 21.
Parents in Latin American basically will treat their daughters like a 12 year old until she turns 30 or so. That´s why so many younger Latin girls are so immature, compared to American or European girls in the same age group.
Many of these immature Latinas will also behave like 12 year old girls. It`s a program, a mind set installed from their parents.
This program dicates how they behave, think, feel and perceive reality.

mature latin women from Colombia seeking men
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The reasons why Latin girls do mature that slowly are the following:

Latino macho culture:
In most Latin Countries, girls are meant to stay innocent, sweet and naive.
These are characteristics that most latino men find attractive.
In Latin American culture girls are seen as the weaker sex that require major protection from the parents.

Dependency from the parents:
Due to the low salaries and general poverty in Latin America, most Latin Girls are forced to live with their parents and other family in the same house until she eventually gets married.
This is an other factor why latin girls mature that slowly.

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Why we recommend mature latinas for mature foreign gentlemen

If you are a mature gentleman that desires to get to know  mature latina women it is recommendable to look for mature latinas that are older than 35 years.

From our over 10 years of experience of Personal Matchmaking we have come to the conclusion that most latin girls begin to mature mentally when they are in their 30´s.

Benefits of dating mature latinas

Experience: Mature latin women have made their experiences and will behave in a mature and respectful way.

Emotional Stability: Where as young latina girls tend to be emotionally unstable, mature latinas women are more likely to be emotionally stable. That means that mature latinas are less likely to have emotional outbreaks ect.

Emotional Independency: Young latina women can easily depend emotionally of you. Meaning that they might behave in a immature, unrespectful way because they do not have enough experience  to control their emotions.
Mature latinas know that they are responsible for their emotions and know how to manage them.

Have both feet on the ground: Young ladies might not have their feet on the ground and might have a lot of ideas ect. Mature latinas tend to have their both feet on the ground. That means that they have good education, a good and stable profession, or own business, their own income, and they are 100% ready to settle down with the right man.

Alexandra y.o. from Bogota, Colombia

Sincerity: Mature latinas tend to be sincere up front with about their thoughts, feelings and intentions, which is a great plus. Young latina girls might lie to you in order to hide their real thoughts, feelings and intentions.

Mature Latinas know how to treat men: Mature latinas are more likely to be able to cook for you and to do all the chores. Many mature latin women are perfect housewives. Older Latin women take it absolutely for granted to be good housewifes for their partners. If you marry a mature latina, chances are good that she will treat you like a king and be like your personal maid with a smile.

Romance: What older latinas certainly love and appreciate is a gentleman with a great sense of romance. They love romance, romantic music, good atmosphere,and to spoil their partner.

Mature latinas still look fit: Going to the gym, doing yoga or doing meditation are a few activities that many mature latinas enjoy. That is one of the reasons why in Colombia you will find  women in their 40´s  that look like in their 30´s, because they are still in shape and take care of themselves. When Colombian women  hit the 30 year badge are officially out of the dating market. Looks are very important in Colombian macho culture. Mature latinas have to do anything in their power to still look attractive for Colombian men. That´s why in Colombia you will find so many women that have undergone all kind of surgery in other to look younger and more attractive.
The most popular surgeries in Colombia are are: breast and butt surgery, followed by nose surgery . In Colombia extremely obese wome are extremely rare.

This is a plus for foreign men that are seeking a partner with not such a big age different, that still is physically attractive !

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mature latin women


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Glora Maria from Medellin

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Angela 38 y.o. from Bogota, Colombia

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Dexys 37 y.o. from Bogota, Colombia

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Maria 35 y.o. from Bogota, Colombia

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Alejandra 38 y.o. from Bogota, Colombia

mature latinas
Andriana 43 y.o. from Bogota, Colombia

Alexandra y.o. from Bogota, Colombia

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