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I`m Lorena,  coordinator at Matchmaking Agency My Colombian Wife.
Our website is mycolombianwife.com

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We organize individual introductions with marriage-minded Colombian Single women in Colombia.

We are a personal matchmaking service, designed for marriage-minded single men providing them with best possible support and the highest chances of success of finding a Colombian wife.

Interviews with our female members live from Colombia.

The first step is a free consultation we get to know your expectations, preferences and determine if our service might be a good fit and how we might be able to assist you in finding a latin life partner.

So, if you are seriously seeking a latin wife and your are curious about
how exactly our matchmaking service works, what makes us unique and how you can benefit from it just let me know when would work best for you, so we can schedule a phone appointment.

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We are looking forward to getting to know you soon. We are looking forward to getting to know you soon.

Founder of MCW Alexander K and coordinator and matchmaker Lorena Orduz

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Men that have found a Colombian wife with MCW


Best experience of my life!

The women they introduce you to are quality women that aren’t just looking for someone to take care of them or to get a green card. They genuinely want husbands and real connections so if this is not what you are looking for then this is the wrong agency for you. I had the most amazing experience and I can tell that Alexander genuinely cares about his clients and wants to see them succeed. We corresponded for several weeks to plan the trip out and when I arrived transportation was waiting to take me from the airport to the hotel. When it was time for me to meet the woman I chose to meet Alex’s interpreter went above and beyond. She not only provided transportation for my new girlfriend and I but she even helped me find an apartment and looked out for my safety. The woman I met is everything I hoped she would be and is like a breath of fresh air from modern western women. She works hard, she’s kind, nurturing, and everything a man could ask for not to mention absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could give more than 5 stars because Alex deserves it. You won’t find a better experience than My Colombian Wife if marriage is what you are truly seeking. BTW: this is not a paid review or the owner, I’m an actual client who decided to take a chance and try this service and have no regrets!

My Colombian Wife is the real deal

My Colombian Wife is the real deal! It’s the perfect service for marriage-minded men to find their Colombian queen. After a few years of dating frustration in my home city, I was able to meet several beautiful Colombian women in one very productive visit to Bogota, and it’s there I met the perfect woman for me… smart, young, gorgeous, friendly, and happy. Best of all she is crazy about me! MCW made it easy. They set up all the dates and provided a friendly interpreter who made the meetings comfortable and easy. And after I started dating my Colombian girlfriend, they gave me useful information about marriages and visas. MCW exceeded my expectations. I would recommend them to any man who is tired of the same-old and serious about finding their perfect Latina wife.

Bob from San Diego, California

Married the woman of my life.

In 2015 I travelled to Bogota, Colombia for 12 days after being in contact with some ladies of the website. Alexander had arranged 2 to 3 meetings per day for me and after 4 days, my interest stayed with 2 ladies. The week after I reduced the new meetings and focused on getting to know the ladies of my interest (values, objectives in life, interest in me, country,…) You don’t want to end up with a golddigger, nor someone who’s not interested in you as a person to love… At the end of the 12 days, I started a relationship with the lady who ticked the boxes. After my travel, the girl travelled 8 times to Europe to build upon our relationship and find out whether this was really going to work with the kids too. She had a son, and I had 2 kids from previous marriage. 13 months later I proposed in Paris and since then we are now almost 5 years married and still going strong. It’s hard work to make it work, invest in building a strong foundation and ignore the critics around you. If you find the lady with the right values, she will be your biggest support. All the best !

Genuine Woman

I came across mycolombianwife doing a web search, and signed up and took my first trip about a month later and met a few woman, the dates were easy to set up, but I met my special woman and canceled the rest of my dates and spent all my time with her it was amazing. We kept in contact after I left and over the phone we set up our wedding and the second time I went to Colombia some of my family was with me and I married the woman of my dreams all thanks to mycolombianwife, I would definitely recommend this site to all single men looking for a genuine woman to brighten their life. These woman are real and are looking for men who are family oriented and caring and pretty much the complete opposite of the men in Colombia and you could be that lucky man just like I was.

I’m just concluding my trip

I’m just concluding my trip, I’m leaving Bogotá this afternoon when I sit down to write this review, I thought I would read some of the other reviews. I would like to clearly and unequivocally state that I have not ever met anyone that works for this agency prior to my visit.And I think that it’s important to keep in mind just like I’m looking for something very specific. I would also think that the women are also looking for something specific so of course they have been on other dates. They are clients as well and I do think My Colombian Wife strives to protect both the woman and the men. My experience was I was communicated with on a very regular basis by the service. If I had a complaint, I might say they communicated too much? I found the interpreters to be incredibly professional, it also was a bit of a comfort when my interpreter had some knowledge of the person I was meeting it certainly helps to flow the conversation. I was here for only three days Due to my work schedule, I had four dates and I found every one of the women to be prettier than their pictures very inquisitive. They wanted to know about my work where I lived what my life is like only daily basis. Of course, these are all the things I wanted to know about them all of the women that I met had considerable jobs and a nice life they are currently living based on that I would say they’re looking for a partner that makes sense for them as well. I did not get the feeling that any of the people that I met we’re desperate at all . So two of the women I find to be quite a possibility for myself, I will be staying in contact with them. I am planning to see them again. I travel a lot internationally and I do business internationally I would say I’m not easily fooled with that in mind I would like to speak about my experience with the founder Alexander I met him for a lunch, have a conversation with him that spand many subjects . I guess I could see if you’re only used to American men he’s going to be different. I found him to be quite a kind soul, I think that he has a genuine interest in connecting people, and I think that his interest is in connecting people for a long-term successful relationship, and if you think about the job that he has, I would say it’s a little more complicated than one would think you’re taking two people from entirely different parts of the world who have very different experiences and trying to do this in about an hour?? And then of course, being in business myself half the time you’re trying to manage risk so you’re bringing someone who doesn’t speak Spanish into a very large city. Part of their job is trying to keep everyone safe and for them to have a good experience can that be done 100% of the time probably not. I would like to spell one miss I’ve read that these women are going on days just for free dinner I find that laughable however, I have seen that happen in the US! So good experience for me

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