Latin mail order brides

Many gentlemen that are interested in finding Latin mail order brides wonder how the whole process actually works ?

First of all mail order brides is an antiquated expression from a time before the internet existed.

Men interested in a Latin wife, would order a cataloge from a marriage agency. This catalog was very similar to a traditional mail order catalog. The catalog included pictures and personal information of the agencies ladies.

That´s why even today some people still think that a customer of a marriage agency can just order a “mail order bride” from a catalog like a pair of shoes and have her delivered to this house.

That´s just not how it works !

So how does finding a Latin Mail Order Bride with work ?

First of all we´ll get to know you

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It all starts with you: 

  • First stop is getting to know you better.
  • Second, we need to know more about the woman of your dreams.

These three quick but very important steps are the beginning of this adventure.

It’s our duty to know more about everything that matters most to you.

Colombian Mail Order Brides

Colombian Girls

After booking your Personal Matchmaking Tour and informing us about are arrival and departure dates, we will contact our female members ( Latin mail order brides ) that match your given critiera to inquire which ladies would be most interested in meeting you.

All female members will have seen your personal information and pictures and will have accept to date you.
(This is one key element that differs us from most other “Latin Mail Order Brides” Services. )

That means our female members meet potentials candidates out of free will and genuine interest.

When you arrive in Colombia you will 3-12 intimate matches with selected female members of your criteria.

After the individual dates we will inquire is there is mutual interest for a 2nd date.

Latin Mail Order Brides are not a product that you can have delivered to your house just by making a click.

You are not buying a wife. You are buying a service. 

The truth is that in 98 % of the cases you are not even buying a service.

If you contract a conventional Latin Mail Order Brides Service you are paying to attend some kind of bachelor party with random Latin girls and a group of guys.

This goes under the name of Latin Tour, Latin Romance Tour, Latin Introduction Service or Singles Vacation tour.
It is all the same and as I have explained in other articles, the chances of actually finding a latin Mail Order Bride on these kind of tours are very low.

LAtin Mail Order Brides

Latin Mail Order Brides

Our Personal Matchmaking Service is different !

With Our Personal Matchmaking Service you have the best chances of actually finding a Latin wife !

Here is why:

– All our female members are prescreened and actually seeking a serious relationship / marriage with a foreign gentleman.
– We only offer a Personal Matchmaking Service with 1 on 1 introductions.

Instead of meeting a bunch of unscreened random Latin women at conventional Latin romance tours that most Colombian Mail Order Brides Agencies offer,
with our tour you will only be meeting selected ladies in intimate 1 on 1 dates, together with your personal dating coach and interpreter.

-We will only introduce you to Latin Brides that match your criteria ( Age-range, with or without kids and other criteria).

This will give you peace of mind because you will only be dating Latin mail order brides that meet your criteria.

– Before we will introduce you to a lady, she will have seen your personal information and pictures AND will have accepted to date you.

This will save you a lot of time, because you will only date Latin women that are already interested in getting to know you!

– With our Personal Matchmaking Tour we will provide you a interpreter and dating coach.

Our interpreters will not only provide a smooth and relaxed conversation with the potential ladies ( without google translators and preprogrammed misunderstandings), your dating coach will also give you valuable dating advices and recommendations on the Latin Brides that you will be dating.

With our Personal Matchmaking Tour you will not have any competition !

Unlike with conventional Romance group tours where a hand full of men are in constant competition with each other, with our Personal Tour there will be NO competition at all. You will be the only man. 

Our Personal Matchmaking Tour is designed to actually help you in finding now just ANY but the PERFECT Latin Mail Order Bride for YOU !

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Colombian Mail Order Brides

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