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How does it work?

Our Personal Matchmaking Tour in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Making your reservation

After paying the reservation fee of our Personal Matchmaking  Tour you inform us about your criteria for the women that you want to meet during your tour and your tentative travel dates.

The reservation fee also includes a 12 months membership to communicate with the ladies of our website.
The reservation  will be active for 1 year, but the majority of our clients decide to take our tour within 1-2 months after the reservation ( or earlier )

Step 2: Let´s get started

After booking your hotel and flight to Bogota, Colombia you inform us how many tour days you would like to book.

We can assist you in booking your hotel in Bogotas best and  a safest areas.
The price of the total tour fee depends on how many tour days you want to book (minimum 3 days).

In this initial phase, it will be helpful if you can inform us in which month you plan to visit Colombia.

After paying the full tour fee we will inquire which ladies that meet your criteria are most interested in getting to know you and we will start to organize your personal tour.

At this point we would like to highlight that we do not offer any group romance tours or similar events.

Our Personal Matchmaking Service includes exclusiley one to one introductions with our female members that are interested in getting to know you.

Before we will schedule any dates for you we will need your Hotel booking and flight confirmation and the payment of full tour fee.

Please book your tour at least 7 days in advance, So we will have enough time to organize everything for you.

The ladies that you will meet  during your tour will be picked considering your given criteria.

Unlike other matchmaking services, we only schedule introductions with ladies
that have seen your personal information and photos and that 
are actually interested in getting to know you.  

During your  Personal Matchmaking Tour, you can expect 2- 3 personal dates per tour day.

That means you can expect up to 15 dates with ladies of your criteria if you book 5 tour days.


What kind of accomodation do you want?

Accommodation is not included in the tour fee, depending on your budget we will send you hotel or apartment recommendations that are located in the best and safest tourist areas in Bogota.


How does the tour work?


Step 3: Arrival in Bogota, Colombia

Our interpreter and dating coach Diana will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel.

Diana will pick you up from your hotel and accompany you to your first date.

You will meet 2 – 3 ladies per tour day

If desired we will personally contact each lady after the date to inquire if the interest for a 2nd date is mutual.

Diana, our dating coach and interpreter is a Colombian lady herself and has a lot of experience in matchmaking with Colombian women,
which allows her to give you useful dating tips and extremely valuable advices before, during and after the meetings.

The dates will take place in public places, such as bars, coffee shops or restaurants, close to your hotel.

Our interpreter will ensure a smooth and relaxed conversation during the dates.

Our translation service is limited to 2 hours per date (usually more than enough time to get to know your potential candidate)

Airport pickup in Bogota, Eldorado Airport

Above and Beyond wants to ensure your dating and relationship success! Our dedicated team of experts consists of experienced matchmakers and relationship coaches; available at any time during the membership to aid in your special search.



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