Hot Colombian Women

Hot Colombian Women

A list of the hottest and most exotic Colombian women

If you are interested in latin women, you will probably a fan of hot Colombian women.
Latinas are know for being very curvey and having the curves at the right places.
The common Latina has a brown skin color and is very curvey ( has a big butts), they are similar to black women but have slightly lighter skin.
That´s why Latinas as me know them from the U.S. are so popular among black men. Black man love curves women with big butts.
Latinas have very similiar physical features as black women, but they are slightly whiter.

When most American think of a Latina they think of something like this:

Nitty Scott is a 24-year-old unsigned, independent artist. She has headlined her own national tour, performed in the cypher at the BET hip-hop awards and, most recently, was endorsed by Sprite in an NBA All-Star campaign. The half-Puerto Rican, half-African-American Brooklyn emcee’s strongest musical influences include artists like Mos Def, Stevie Nicks, and Sam Cooke.

Bia Landrau started making waves in 2014, starring as one of five rappers on Oxygen’s reality television series Sisterhood of Hip Hop.

The upper 2 are puerto rican.

The other prevalent group of Latin women in the U.S. are of course Mexican women.
Mexican and predominantly ingigenous.

An attractive Mexian girl will look something like this:

If you are looking for more diversity you should look out for hot Colombian women.

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Colombia really has it all. Black women, indigenous women, and even white women and of course mixes between them all.

The most prevalent race in Colombia are Mestizos
Mestizo  is a term traditionally used in Spain, Latin America that originally referred to a person of combined European and Indigenous American descent.

A Colombian Mestizo woman will look something like that:
mestizo woman

So here is the list of some hot Colombian women you can find in Colombia

1. Hot Colombian women – Anllela Sagra

Colombian Fitness Model Anllela Sagra is an Instagram sensation and 1UpNutrition Sponsored Athlete.

She has over 8.450.000 Instagram followers and regularly updates her page with amazing progress photos, physique pictures, and workout videos.

Hot colombian women Annella sagra

Hot colombian women – Annella sagra

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Sexy Colombian Women - Anlella Sangra

Sexy Colombian Woman – Anlella Sangra


YouTube video

To view more pictures of Anllela Sagra click here

2. Hot Colombian women – Kathy Eusse

Kathy Eusse is a Colombian woman born in Medellin, Antioquia. From very young she entered the world of modeling being part of a recognized business “Johnson & Johnson.” Throughout her career she has collected major awards in the world of modeling at national and international level. International recognition: In the USA she has been invited to participate in a photo shoot for MAXIM Magazine online edition.

Hot Colombian women

Hot Colombian women Kathy-Eusse

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sexy colombian woman

3. Hot Colombian women – Adriana Arboleda

Adriana Arboleda is a hot Colombian woman and tv presenter born in Cali, Valle del Cauca, on August 8, 1978.

She began her career in modeling at the age of 15, was the winner of the 1995 Model of the Year contest and in 1996 was named Look of the Year. She has been featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vanity.She was the official image of Cafe de Colombia.

Adriana also ventured into acting in 2001 on the hit Colombian novel Yo soy Betty, la fea.

Sexy Colombian woman

Sexy Colombian woman

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colombian woman

4. Hot Colombian women – Diana Gaviria

Diana Gaviria is sexy Colombian woman born in Pereira Colombia, who has been in modeling for six years. In addition, dhe studied Financial Management and among her next plans is to study psychology.

Diana Gaviria is a white-skinned woman, with “honey-colored” hair and light brown eyes make her face a charm. She is 1.75 meters tall, her measurements are 90, 66, 100 and the favorite parts of his body are “my eyes, because they are big and expressive and my legs are long and thin,” she says.

Diana is neat, thoughtful, respectful and authentic. Hot Colombian women like Diana are strong in character, but very supportive and humanistic. She also likes to help others. She is an independent and prudent woman with her decision making.

At the beginning of her model career she had appearances at events, concerts and public establishments with the liquor company of Antioquia forwhich which she worked. Also, she posed for catalogs of clothing boutiques such as Chicle Rosa, in Pereira.

colombian girl

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sexy colombian woman

5. Sexy Colombian Girls – Angela Serna

An other Hot Colombian woman would be Angela Serna. She was born on May 27 in Calima, Darién. She is a social communicator by profession, she entered the world of modeling 9 years ago and since then she has set herself the goal of being one of the best models in Valle del Cauca.

This hot Colombian model has participated in several competitions, where she won the 2018 edition of Miss Cola, she has also participated in Chica Bikini and Car Audio Girl. He has also been part of the recording of several music videos with different artists such as El Charrito Negro, Gali Galeano and Los Hermanos Lebrón.

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  Meet Colombian women seeking foreign men for marriage


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