Dating latin women in Colombia

Dating latin women

Dating latin women can be a real challenge. In this article I will share with you some useful advice to consider when dating latin women.

dating latin women

Outer beauty of Latin women

The outer beauty incudes her looks. Is she attractive ? Does she has the curves at the right places?
Does she fit the image I you in mind when you think of dating latin women?

Those are questions that corespond to the outer beauty.

Now what really is valueable is her inner beauty. While dating latin women take a look at the inner qualities, values she might have.
Is she curious of finding out about my qualities, values, personality, interest and dislikes?

Inner beauty of Latin women

The inner beauty means the qualities or her heart and  good intentions, whether she is family-oriented and looking for a long lasting relationship.
Dating latin women doesn`t mean is not about buying her interest with materlistic things.

Latin women that do have the an inner beauty, have a sense of auto responsibility, and are genuinely interested to progress on her own on a daily basis.

Gold diggers are experts in hidding their true intentions. Without support and guidance dating latin women can be a real challenge.

dating latin women

How about dating latin women by joing a popular dating site?

Gold diggers and money oriented Colombian women love dating sites without screenings or indentity verifications.
Many gentleman have contacted us in the last years have told me that they have invested 1000`s of dollars for dating site and romance tours without any results.

These men simply do not understand that dating latin women based just on their looks can not function.

When you want to start dating latin women you have to take your time.

If you are really interested in her, the right amount of patience and dedication is necessary.

Since latin women in general do have traditional values they do not accept one night stands before marriage.

In most families in Latin America, women are seen as whores who have intercourse before marriage.

Most Latin women are not open minded, due to the traditional values they have been thaught by their families and soceity.
Only a few of latin women are open minded, and open for one night stands.


Christians and catholics are welcome

The faith in God is very important for most latin women.
Most Latin women are catholics, but there are also many christians in Latin America today, just like in the U.S.

If you say you do not believe in God most Latin women would see you like a diciple of satan himself.

Even if you are an atheist, if you want your relationship to go somewhere, never tell your Latina that you do not believe in God.
In these part of the hemisphere a believer in god is equal to a “good person” with good values.

On the other hand a disbeliever in god is seen as someone without values or morals, a criminal.
If you believe in God, believe in the divine energy, that is directing our lifes, you are very welcome in Latin America.

Revealing all details about your life.

If you are dating latin women, please do not reveal everything about your personal life. Your income, belongings, businesses, future goals ect.

For your own safety you should never brag about your money.
Even if you are very rich, do not reveal details about your financal situation.

You do not want to have a latina woman in your life that is only interested in your money.
This kind of relationships can not work out, because is she than finds an other guy who has more money than you she will leave you.

We recommend to take your time and to really get to know her step by step.
So you can find out if she is really interested in you as a human beeing and not in the materialistic things.

dating latin women

Be generous

Most latin women and Latinos work very hard in order just to survive. Most people in Latin America are in survival mode.
When dating Latin Women you have to understand that most women just can not afford eating out in a nice restaurant, most can not even afford a taxi.
Most latin women are experts in managing their income appropiately to have enough funds to cover their food,
transportation costs, and other expenses.

It is greatly appreciated if you as a foreign gentleman pay for her transportation costs and invite her into a nice restaurant. In super big cities like Bogota,Colombia where they do not have a subway system.  Heavy traffic jams happen all the time and it can  take her 2 hours standing in a crowded bus just for a 10 miles distance.

By paying for her transportation costs your simply show her that you appreciate her getting to know you.

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