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Before you go out and make plans to date some of the Colombian women you´ve been hearing so much about, it´s a good idea to learn about their culture and family values. This way, you´ll know what to expect when you meet these girls. It will also give you a better idea of what you need to do to make them happy and ensure you have a great time.

Colombia is a collective society, which means the people do everything in groups. They like to go out to eat in groups or go dancing in groups instead of going out as a couple. This has a lot to do that Colombian women feel safer if they go out in small groups or at least with her best friend.



Family Values


Colombia is more conservative as a whole than North American is due to the fact that it is mainly a Roman Catholic country. Family is the most important of all things in this large country. Families live together in one home so it´s not uncommon for two or three generations to all be together in one dwelling. When families are too large to live together in one home, they will often group together to form a tight community.


If you plan to date a Colombian woman, you will meet her family and it´s important that you get to know them and treat them with respect. Mistreating or being rude to a family member is the same as mistreating her and this will ruin your relationship.


Choice in Men


Youll find Colombian women to be very liberal when it comes to race and age. A persons race does not have any influence in whether or not these women will date you. They look for other qualities in men. As a result, Colombia is a very diverse country when it comes to race.


Genetic research with over 60,000 blood tests and 25 variables, determined that the average Colombian has an admixture of 65% European, 22% native Amerindian and 13% African ancestry, however these proportions vary widely from one region to another.


Colombian girls will also date men twice their age but they won´t normally go over that. In other words, a woman 18 years old will date a man up to 38 years of age but they may be a little reluctant to date a man who is 50. Men under the age of 40 are considered young by this culture.


If you´re looking for someone that you hope to marry one day, keep money out of the picture for awhile and let the girls know that you´re looking for a committed relationship. This will save you a lot of trouble in the end.

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About Coombia Women in General

Most of these women are very excited to meet men from other countries and they don´t mind showing it. They start dating at a very young age, usually when they turn 13 and these girls like to show their feminine side so they may surprise you in some areas. They love to dance so if you want to make them happy, take them dancing. If you really want to impress them,  give them flowers as a gift. Or  perfumes, lotions or some type of electronic device. That´s what will get you noticed.

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